Apple Car Scaled Back and Delayed; No Self-Driving With Sub-$100,000 Price Tag

Apple Car Scaled Back and Delayed

Despite its tumultuous ride over the years, the Apple Car may finally be on track for a 2026 release, according to a Bloomberg report. The company has been working on its self-driving vehicle for several years, but has faced numerous challenges and setbacks along the way. Prior reports suggested that the Apple Car would be fully autonomous, with no steering wheel or pedals, but it appears that the company has scaled back its ambitions for the vehicle. Apple's answer to Tesla might ship without full-self driving capability, just like its overpromising competitor.


Apple Car Rumored to Skip Self Driving At Launch

The latest Bloomberg report suggest that the Apple Car will be available for under $100,000 and will feature a custom Apple silicon chip. The lack of self will be a tough pill to swallow considering that steep asking price. But it's not all bad news. The chip is reportedly "equal to about four of Apple's highest-end Mac chips combined" and is being developed in-house by the company's silicon engineering group. However, the chip may be scaled down to reduce costs before the vehicle's launch.

One of the most shocking developments in the Apple Car saga is the apparent jettisoning of full self-driving capabilities at launch. Instead, the vehicle will only be able to assist with certain driving tasks on highways. This means that drivers will still need to be in control of the vehicle when they are on city streets or encountering inclement weather. That increasingly sounds like an overpriced Tesla with more steps... and even more waiting.


Apple Might Not Let Go of Steering Wheel and Pedals After All

According to sources close to the project, the Apple Car launch has been postponed from 2025 to 2026. This is a significant shift for the project, as the company had initially been aiming for a fully autonomous design. However, the new design, which will include a steering wheel and pedals, will still allow drivers to conduct other tasks while driving on highways.

Overall, the Apple Car is shaping up to be an exciting and affordable option for consumers who are interested in self-driving vehicles. While it will not be fully autonomous at launch, the custom Apple silicon chip and assistive self-driving capabilities make it a compelling option for consumers. It will be interesting to see how the vehicle evolves over time and whether Apple will be able to deliver on its ambitious plans for the Apple Car.

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