8 Surprizing Facts About The Apple Watch You Need To Know

    Apple's watch is turning out to be a big success for the company as the Watch is out for sale. Many users have stated that Apple's smartwatch is the best smartwatch, as its features outsmart the Moto 360.

    Even though the watch needs an iPhone to work with here are some fun and interesting facts about the Apple watch. Do check them out and share your thoughts in the comment box below.

    Apple Watch In Pictures

    8 Surprizing Facts About The Apple Watch You Need To Know

    MagSafe charger can power up othe devices:

    Moto 360 is another smartwatch which uses Qi wireless charging standards along with the Apple Watch. Since both of them uses the same technology, an Apple insider reader, Albert lee tried to charge his Moto 360 and it worked.

    Qi, the most popular among mobile makers, is just one of three wireless charging standards that's trying to dominate the gadget world.

    8 Surprizing Facts About The Apple Watch You Need To Know

    No random Qi charger can be used for Apple watch charging:

    In the case of Apple's watch the reverse scenario is not possible, where any random Qi charger can be used to power up the device.

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    An update brought support for a different, and much more flexible type of charging called resonance charging, which can send power from a farther distance. It's possible the Apple Watch may eventually work with newer Qi products.

    8 Surprizing Facts About The Apple Watch You Need To Know

    Apple's Wireless Charging Revolution:

    By introducting Apple watch to the family, wireless charging might find its way to all Apple devices soon. Even though wireless charging existed before Apple's watch but, Apple must be thinking of getting the next macbook or even the iphone a wireless charging tech upgrade.

    8 Surprizing Facts About The Apple Watch You Need To Know

    The Watch Could Have measured Your Blood Oxygen Level:

    After opening up the Apple Watch many tech geeks have found that the heart rate monitor could actually measure the level of Oxygen in your blood, than just count your heart beats. The approach, known to doctors as pulse oximetry, helps them ensure patients have adequate oxygen levels during surgery.

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    Apple stayed mum about this sensor due to federal regulations. Measuring oxygen levels in the blood skirts the line between quantified fitness and health, and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration can be rather particular when it comes to approving health equipment.

    8 Surprizing Facts About The Apple Watch You Need To Know

    Parts are easy to replace:

    The Apple Watch's lifespan too will eventually run out, which may spur some users to try swapping the battery on their own.

    The battery is relatively easy to replace, in and of itself; it's only attached with a bit of adhesive, making it easy to pop out. But you have to get to it first.

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    The lower price watch has a 205 mAh battery. The larger watch probably boasts a bigger battery, which may or may not affect how easy it is to dig the power cell out.

    8 Surprizing Facts About The Apple Watch You Need To Know

    Wrist straps will start to wear off:

    Even the majestic halo of Apple gadgetry can't ward off the realities of simple chemistry. Users wear these gadgets next to their skin, which means grossness will force touch them over time-especially the straps. You can clean off metal, but you can't bring back leather and fluoroelastomer watch bands back from discoloration and warping.

    8 Surprizing Facts About The Apple Watch You Need To Know

    Thousands of apps ready for Apple Watch:

    Watch users can do a tremendous number of things from their wrists already. They can unlock Starwood hotel doors, read New York Times news headlines, shop, navigate the outdoors, check into Foursquare locations, stay on top of Expedia reservation updates, track packages, and much more.

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    If that's not enough, the IFTTT service (short for "If This Then That") just integrated the Do Button and Do Note apps for the Apple Watch, giving users access to as many as 170 more apps.

    8 Surprizing Facts About The Apple Watch You Need To Know

    Accessories are readily available:

    Accessories makers have been waitin patienly for the Apple Watch to hit the market. Now, that it has users will have ample amount of accessories available, starting from fashion bands, battery bands, strap adapters, stands, power stations, portable batteries, bumper cases, and even a chunky suit of armor that also happens to hide the fact that you got the cheapest Apple Watch available.

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