10 Cool Gadgets that are just too cool to own

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There are several gadgets out there. Some of them are cool, others are not. Then, there are gadgets that are too cool for any of us to own them. These are not the everyday usual gadgets, but then these are gadgets that are not really known.

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Let's look at 10 cool gadgets that are too cool to own :

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Cat Scratch Laptop


A Cat top made from hard materials. Not a laptop, it doesn't have any Motherboard or OS. Just a box for your cat to play with.

Film Roll Salt and Pepper Shakers


They look just like film canisters and are made of sturdy plastic. Plus, they're conveniently labeled, one "Salt" and the other "Pepper," to avoid mid-meal mix-ups.



This piece of Jewelry gives selective notifications, emergency alerts and modular design.

100% Energy Apple Juice Power Pack:


Perk up with the 100% Energy Apple Juice Power Pack, a friendly faced backup battery that'll give your phone a big boost to get you both through the rest of the day.

Mycestro Wearable Mouse


A 3D mouse you wear on your finger.Three button and scroll capability.Never take your hand away from your keyboard again.

Bath Air Pillow Smartphone Holder


The bath air pillow is for those who own a Bath Tub. The arm hooks around over your shoulder and lets you look at your mobile device, safely sealed in a waterproof case. The arm length is adjustable and the splash-proof cover should hold most standard-sized smartphones.You can also use this outside of the bathtub when seated in a similar seating position.

The Lens Bracelet


The Lens Bracelet® is the way to wear your camera love on your sleeve.

TRAVELAMP light diffuser


Simply slip it over your smartphone's flashlight and relax under its warm glow. Travelamp is made of soft, durable silicone and fits most small- to mid-sized smartphones.

Thanko Thumb Extender for Phone Touchscreens


On the thumb is a special black nub which can be used to press and control your tablet or smartphone screen, just like your finger, only bigger. Meanwhile, the stretchy sack-like design will fit most people.

Lumee mobile Case with illumination


Everyone wants to be seen in their best light, and LuMee makes it happen. This brilliant front-lit smartphone case is changing the way people shoot and share social media.

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