10 Cool Gadgets That Will Give Your Home A futuristic Look!

Written By: Pratibha

Do you check your Whatsapp first thing in the morning? You are not alone. Most of us are heading to that stage where gadgets will be inseparable from our daily routine. We just can't imagine without them.

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As technology is always to make things easier for us, these designers gone to the next level in terms of design and functionality. Here are the few crazy gadgets which we all would love to own...!

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A Transparent TV

Gadget 1

We all have LED TV or Smart TVs at our homes. And there is nothing exciting in it, but how about a Transparent TV? A new concept is on its way. This technology combines the conventional LCD features with the very latest TOLED display mechanisms. So, next time host a get together at your home and see who gets noticed First!

A Smart Lock

Gadget 2

The hefty lock of your house is too old fashioned and a easy nut to crack for thieves. This Bluetooth enabled lock with virtual keys is all you require.

All-wood Trackpad and Keyboard

Gadget 3

From Flooring to Smartphone back cover, Wooden theme is in vogue nowadays. As it gives you the feel of being close to the Nature yet classy. These Wooden trackpad and Keyboard will definitely be next on your wish list.

Hi-tech Retro Speaker

Gadget 4

We all admit that 'Old is Gold'! These speakers are a MUST have for Music Lovers. These Retro Speakers by Marshall, are the perfect blend of elegance and High QualitySound.

A Pocket-friendly camera that prints without ink

Gadget 5

If you are from Instagram gen, you must look what was the rage before Instagram. These small Polaroid cameras can show you the past..not literally..but with a press of the shutter, you can get a 2x3-inch borderless print instantly. Are you taking it to your next adventure trip..?

Energy Efficient LED Smart bulb

Gadget 6

Do you find it hard to get up and switch off the lights every time or do you pretend to sleep faster than others in the room just to avoid to switch off the lights? Check out the first wirelessly connected Smart Bulbs designed by Nanoleaf, which can be operated by an app on your smartphone.

A hand-crafted stylus for your iPad

Gadget 7

If you own the iPad, this wooden finish pencil stylus, made by Fifty-Three is the next best thing to accessorize with.

A sleek liquid-heating rod

Gadget 8

We know Coffee break is the best time for most of us. Next time you need not rush to the kitchen or oven to re-heat it. This Smart heating rod does the perfect job for us in style.

Levitating lamp for your bedroom!

Gadget 9

Bedroom lamps somehow gives the idea of one's aesthetics. There are number of lamps available in market. How about the Floating Lamp Shade. No..its not illusion or concept. A camouflaged magnetic disc floats more than an inch above the base and supports the lightweight lamp shade. The base houses four electromagnetic coils in order to maintain levitation even if bumped.

A cool USB light bulb!

Gadget 10

This is just awesome. A USB with a portable laptop lamp. Simply plug it into any USB port to turn it on.

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