Blast from the Past: 10 Gadgets We just can't forget!

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The 90's was an era of entertainment gadgets. The 2000's on the contrary saw the development of Desktop computers and today we are mobile. This has been an evolution of both tastes as well as what we can dowith our smartphones.

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We look at 10 gadgets which are no more while some of them are are still there, they are not used at all.

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iPod Classic

The original iPod was a cool object. Apple has discontinued the older models of the iPod. While some models of the iPod are still sold in the market, you can hardly see them. 

Motorola Razr

Motorola introduced the Moto Razr a Clamshell Phone. The phone is a stylish piece that was also affordable. RIP.

DVD players

DVD players were vogue back then. Today, with YouTube and online streaming sites, people hardly use the DVD Player. It might be wrong to say that, but still the DVD player is almost over.

Canon Powershot - The 1st generation digicam

The Canon Powershot is a digital camera. The earliest version had their own limitations. Today, with the advent of smartphones, the powershot seems to have died. While cameras are still widely used and remain a favourite of photography lovers, layman still uses the smartphone for taking selfies.

Electric toothbrush

Oral B created the Electric toothbrush. The electric toothbrush made a brief appearance and was gone. While it is still used, may be we can expect a Smartphone with a toothbrush one day.

Radio set

The radio was a popular medium and still remains but people listen to Radio on their phones. Music lovers still own a radio and it still remains a prized possession for many.

Amazon Kindle old variant

The Amazon Kindle was the worlds first E-book reader commercially available to consumers.It came out in 2007. The Kindle was costly and heavy. The kindle today is cheaper than the first one and has several new features.

Digital organisers

The digital organizer was available in the early 2000's . It was before smartphones came. You could store contacts, calculate and even play simple games. It also had a calander and a planner. The smartphone took its place.

CD - Compact Discs

Compact Disc's are dead. The CD id no longer there. Internet downloads have killed it. While the CD is still there, people use the Pendrive for storage. With the Pen drive offering a lots of storage and given that its potrtable, people prefer other storage medium

Watch with Calculator

The Watch with a calculator was used mostly by students as well as by people who found it fascinating to have a calculator right on your wrists. It was incredibly huge and could hardly fit into your wrists. RIP.

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