15 weird gadgets you can't believe actually exist!

    There are a lot of gadgets out there. However, there are some gadgets that are weird and often hard to believe that they exist. There are several gadgets revealed everywhere by several companies that do things that are unique.

    Some of them are devices that are period, while others are memorable gadgets that people love to use and make a part of their lives. Here are 10 gadgets which are weird and yes they do exist. Some of them have been popular, others are not so popular.Lets look at 10 gadgets that are both weird and futuristic.

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    Grassy Charging Station

    They say seeing green is good for eyes! Well, now it's good for your devices too. The grass lawn type charging station comes with soft artificial grass, that helps to make your device comfortable while charging. 

    And yes! The charging cable sits underneath the grass lawn and all you have to do is to plug your cord on the base.


    Breathometer - The worlds First smartphone breathalyser

    The Breathometer Breathalyzer is a oral hygiene product. The breathalyzer is a wireless oral health monitor.

    Clock One

    Clock One is a One Meter long and 5mm thin, weighs less than 2.2 Kg.The meter long clock looks great.


    The Wallet Drone is a tiny Quadcopter Docks and Charges INSIDE of a Wallet Sized Controller that Fits In Your Pocket. The Wallet Drone is designed to be so small and lightweight that you can simply place it in your pocket, purse, backpack (anywhere a wallet would fit), making it ideal for everyday fun and practice!

    Clever Pet

    CleverPet offers unlimited adaptive all-day play.Never too easy, never too hard. Always just right. Engage and exercise your dog's mind with custom light, touch, and sound puzzles.Discover and connect with your dog in a whole new way. It's optimized for dog engagement, right down to its lights, sounds, and colors.

    Nano UV Disinfection Scanner

    If you think it's a phone, then you got it wrong! This Nano-UV Disinfection Scanner has the capability to kill bacteria and other viruses with an accuracy of 99.9%.

    All you need to do is to expose the UV disinfection device to the surface including mattress, pillow for 10 seconds. Mission accomplished!

    LED Umbrella

    The LED Umbrella is useful if its raining and dark. The LED light on the holder of the umbrella will give you much needed light in the dark and rainy days of the year.

    Robot Lawnmower

    The iRobot Lawnmower is a useful device which can be used to mow lawns. The remote controlled device is useful for gardens and parks which require lawn mowing. The lawn mowing can reduce manual labor and efficiently help you with mowing lawns.

    Warming Gloves

    Having cold hand often? Then here is your solution! Just plug in this hand gloves and choose your desired heating level to keep your hands warmish and toasty!

    This gloves entirely works on electricity and can be plugged into any USB port. 


    Sonic Grenade

    The Sonic Grenade looks like a Grenade.It can work like an alarm clock and can be deactivated by removing the pin.The loud alarm clock is for people who don't wake up from their sleep.

    Ben & Jerry's Euphori-Lock Ice Cream Pint

    The Ben and Jerry's locker for Ice creams is useful when you you have to lock a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream jar. This can be useful when you don't want people to eat ice cream just like that. It can be helpful if you don't want someone to eat your ice cream that you have kept in the refrigerator.

    Now massage your body with Play Station!

    Known as Massage Me, it is a gaming controller with built-in flexible vest, that can translate massage moves into video-game commands.

    Initially, it was designed to work only with hacked PSOne gamepad. Later, Perner-Wilson made it compatible with other gaming controllers

    Solar Bikini

    This Solar Bikini uses photovoltaic film strips, along with 5-volt regulator which manages electrical output. This bikini was created by New York-based multimedia designer and performer Andrew Schneider for the 2006 winter show of the Tisch School's Interactive Telecommunications Program.

    Bug a Salt

    The Bug a Salt is like Do it yourself kit where you can use salt to kill insects and flies and bugs. The kit comes with bug salt provided by the company.


    The Vi-Band is simple: its a headband that vibrates in specially designed patterns on your forehead and temples. The Vi-Band uses brush-less vibration motors that vibrate on specific pressure points on your head for relaxation.

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