7 ways to get the most out of your Google Chromecast

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Google Chromecast is one a great entertainment device that can help you beam content from several Video and Entertainment apps. The best part is being able to enjoy all your entertainment that you would have otherwise had on your Mobile or Computer screen on your TV. This is especially true if you want to watch a movie from the internet on your TV.

The Chromecast costs Rs. 2,999 in India. The device is a hit among people who use the devices for entertainment. While there are similar such products in the market, the Google Chromecast remains the most popular gadget that connects your apps to your TV. Here are a number of ways to make the most out of your Chromecast.

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Stream it Anywhere

You can stream the Google Chromecast in your hotel or where ever you go. Take your Chrome Cast with you. The Tiny Portable device is handy piece for your entertainment. The portability of the device ensures that you can take it just anywhere. So you can use the device over at a friends place or just anywhere you go.

Watch Media stored in other devices

The best part of the Google Chromecast is that you can use pair this device with your Mobile phone, Tablet or other compatible gadgets. The list includes iOS and Android devices among others. You can access entertainment from other devices and watch them on your TV using the Chromecast.

Upgrade your Sound System

The best part of enjoying your Chromecast is to upgrade your Sound System. Using a woofer or home entertainment system with your Television is the best thing to do. A variety fo speakers available in the market leaves you with more choices.

Connect with Compatible apps

There are several apps that can be connected with the Chromecast which includes YouTube, Dailymotion, Wynk, Google Play Movies, Ditto among Indian apps. The list is long. You can also connect NetFlix, a new entrant

Add emojis to your Chromecast

The Best part about the new Chromecast is that you can enjoy Emojis. This is particularly who would like to add their emojis and express themselves even when they are watching TV in order to feed their emoji addiction.

Change Resolution to improve Quality

Improve the Screen Resolution. You can control your resolution by downloading the Chromecast extention on your Chrome Browser. This is particularly possible with Laptops and Desktops. Hit the Cast icon on the browser bar > select Option > choose the Tab casting quality you want: standard (480p), high (720p), extreme (720p high bitrate), or auto (1080p).

Bring Friends and Family

You can Enjoy your Chromecast with Friends and Family. Its all the more fun to watch your videos together than watching it all along on your Smartphone.

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