5 Dreamy Gadgets You Didn't Realize Your Bedroom Needed

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Well you can either like them or dislike them but you definitely cannot ignore these bizarre tech devices that can change your bedroom atmosphere forever if you happen to buy anyone of it. Check for yourself these five weird devices for your bedroom.

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Grassy Charging Station


Want a little bit of green in your bedroom? Well Think Geek brings to you Grassy Lawn Charging Station. It uses soft artificial grass to cushion your camera, smartphone, or iPod while they're charging. The cables sit are hidden under the grass compartment and you need to run your extension cord into the base of the charging station. It costs around $25.


Control Your PlayStation With Massage


With Massage Me in your bedroom you can handle both, your wife as well as your (gaming) life. Massage Me is a soft, flexible vest with a video game controller built into the back that translates massage moves into video-game commands. But you can't buy Massage Me off the shelves instead its creator Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson insist on people making their own versions of it. This is why this handy online do-it-yourself guide showing you how to make the Massage Me vest is available online.


Snore Relief Wrist Band


It can discriminate between ambient noise and snoring, and then uses electrical signals that gently stimulate the median nerves located at the inner wrists without waking you. The device is water-resistant and operates on one AAA battery. It is available for $79.95 at Hammacher.com.

Pottery Barn Tune-In Bed


Tech bed features two 4-inch stereo speakers and a control panel with a volume knob and audio input to connect your MP3 player. The bed comes in three variants each costing accordingly twin ($699), full ($899), or queen ($999).


The Story Blanket


There are four different Story Blankets: Space, Kitty, Heroes, and Princess. Each one tells a different tale through artwork created by 133 LEDs and a themed soundtrack. Keeping the safety of kids in mind, it is made of fire-resistant polyester viscose and is available in single/twin or double. It runs on three D batteries and costs around $244 to $265.

So now since you have had a look at these unconventional, almost abstract tech devices, you can choose for yourself whether you will be interested in buying any of these or rather gifting to some of your friends on their birthdays as a revenge prank!

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