Are you Lazy? You can Afford to be Lazier with these Gadgets

    With advancements in the field of technology, companies are now coming up with various gadgets that can leave you in awe. Just in case, you thought, that the consumer electronics space is simply limited to smartphones, ACs, refrigerators etc. Well, there are some genius innovators who have been coming out with some clever gadgets that make our lives easier.

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    Lazy and careless people keep looking for easier and smarter ways to finish their work, and this is how crazy gadgets are born. We have jotted down such 10 crazy gadgets that are very useful for lazy people, take a look at the slider below.


    The best smartphone for lazy and careless people is the Moto X Force. The device makes states that it has an unbreakable screen called Shatterproof display, which claimed not to break, no matter how many times you drop it. Here is the full review of Moto X Force.


    This cute looking gadget comes with a built-in timer that brews your tea as per your timings. There is no need for you to use your hand for a perfect cup of tea.


    Almost 30 years after self-tying shoes were pictured in the movie: Back to the Future 2, Nike has now unveiled a pair of the futuristic footwear called HyperAdapt 1.0, which is the world's first self-tying shoe in the market. Click here to know more.


    This gadget can refrigerate up to six cans of beer and stock two mugs, with a simple push of a button it will pour a can of beer into the mug perfectly.


    This gadget is for those lazy persons to save from the effort of licking ice-cream. All they have to do is put their tongue on the ice-cream and enjoy.


    This gadget function like mini blenders. It stirs and make you favorite cup of coffee. But, it need battery power for operating.


    The Banana shaped plastic slicer will not only save your time but also cut the Banana in equally-sized pieces.


    This innovative product helps you zip kernels with just one push.


    This gadget is for every lazy person who hates to get out of the bed just to turn off the light.


    A waterproof or water resistant watch is a must for those who are too careless.



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