Check Out 10 Weird Gadgets Launched at CES 2017

Weird gadgets at CES 2017!

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At the CES 2017 in Las Vegas, we saw the launch of several product launches such as smartphones, TVs, laptops, robots, etc. At the same time, it was a show floor was the announcement of weird or bizarre products as well.

Check Out 10 Weird Gadgets Launched at CES 2017

It is common to see weird products or gadgets to be announced at the CES every year. Most of these gadgets feel like a clever piece of technology that has come from a science fiction novel to reality. Not all these weird gadgets will be made available to the consumers. Some will be released at a later time and the rest will be experimental.

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As the launches at CES 2017 have come to an end, we at GizBot have compiled some gadgets that were the weirdest at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Take a look at these products from below.

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Kerastase Smart Hairbrush

With the increasing trend of IoT (Internet of Things) products, all sorts of products are launched with smart features in them. The smart hairbrush from Withings and L'Oreal is one such product. The concept behind this Wi-Fi-enabled hairbrush is that it can monitor the health of your hair as well as the way you brush it. If you are concerned about your hair and the right way of brushing the same, this is an ideal product for you.

Hydrao Smart Showerhead

This smart showerhead has the ability to measure how much water you are actually using while you are in a shower. It also lets you know when you have exceeded the suggested water limit set by you. The smart showerhead changes colors to notify you when you have consumed beyond the set water limit.

Flying Selfie Camera

Hover Camera Passport is a selfie drone. This flying selfie camera can capture fun action shots and you can have the drone follow you while you are indulged in activities such as a bike ride or cliff jump. Moreover, the drone seems to possess really good self-balancing without crashing into objects while taking selfies.

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Sensorwake Oria

Do you have the habit of snoozing your alarms? In that case, the Sensorwake Oria can resolve the issue as it offers a bizarre solution. Well, it products fart smells to wake you. The concept behind this device is that you need to place it next to your bed and it will pump out fart smells that will wake you up.

Smart Cane

The smart cane is a weird gadget that can be put to a lot of uses with its smart features. Made by a French company known as Dring, the key functionality of this smart cane is to notify family members of the users when the person faces an emergency. It could be a very helpful gadget for the senior citizens.

Kolibree’s Ara AI toothbrush

As artificial intelligence is the trend these days, Kolibree has come up with a smart toothbrush. With embedded sensors, this toothbrush can track your brushing habits. Also, the company uses patented deep learning algorithms that can help you improve your brushing habit. Also, this gadget will give tips on your phone and send you weekly emails.

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FoodMarble AIRE

There are apps that let you know the calorie intake to stay healthy. At the CES 2017, a new gadget called AIRE was launched by FoodMarble and can tell you the foods that will make you gassy. It is a breathalyzer kind of a device that will monitor FODMAP (Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides and Polyols) levels.

BACtrack Skyn

This is a breathalyzer-like watch band that can be used along with Apple Watch and it takes reading on a per second basis. The app will display a graph that will detail the exact alcohol level and make sure that you do not cross the permissible level at any point in time. The BACtrack Skyn can also be used as an independent smartband.

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Taclim VR Shoes

As the VR trend is booming, a lot of VR accessories are launched in the market. Cerevo has come up with the Taclim VR shoes that provide haptic feedback. If you walk on various surfaces like sand, snow, etc. this pair of shoes will give you the feel. This is a sandal-like accessory that has been showcased at the CES 2017.

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Parihug is a connected stuffed animal doll that will let you hug your loved one via the internet. When someone hugs one of the dolls, the sensors that are present on the other one you hold will vibrate in order to stimulate a hug. Notably, the harder the doll is hugged, the stronger will be the response on the other doll. If you miss a hug, the doll will notify you on your smartphone as it will be paired to your phone via Bluetooth.

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