Controversial comments by Donald Trump on the Technology Industry

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Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Candidate has some very interesting yet funny opinions on technology. Donald Trump often shoots his mouth, which means that he often ends up provoking a large populace especially those who hail from Silicon Valley.

Trump has found himself a center of controversy often for the nature of his comments. It is said that Donald Trump, who is a media personality, a Real Estate magnate and also now a politician hardly understands Technology.

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Donald Trump has made several remarks in the past about Technology and Tech companies in general. We look at 5 such Donald Trump comments that made headlines.

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"Why doesn't President Obama just get the people from Google to fix the failed website. In fact, why didn't he use them in the first place! (Twitter)" 


Trump told people to Boycott Apple products till it does not give details to FBI about the iPhone that Terrorists used in an attack in California


Trump said that Amazon was not fairly paying Taxes and that stocks of Amazon will fall if they Paid Fair taxes


"Twitter will soon be irrelevant if lowlifes are so easily able to hack into accounts." Trump made the comments after there was a suspected hack of his twitter account.


Donald Trump told a US newspaper that he does not use the E-mail. He also said a few years later that he uses it but very rarely.

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