Here's How You Can Know If Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Safe to Use

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After nearly a month of its launch, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has started making headlines worldwide. However, its not for good things about the device.

Here's How You Can Know If Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Safe to Use

The constant complaints about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding due to battery defects across the world has made Samsung hit the rough waters. Its in the headlines for how risky it has become for its users over the past one month.

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Samsung has come up with an initiative to ensure the safety of their customers has recently revealed that they are voluntarily replacing the old Galaxy Note 7 handset with a brand new one. The South Korean mobile manufacturing company further requests all their customers using Galaxy Note 7 to take sheer advantage of the exchange program.

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Battery explode incidents hit the normal life

As of September 1, near about 35 Note 7 users have reported of exploding batteries, leading to life risk. It is very recently that a person reported about his Jeep catching fire, and another about a massive fire in his garage, and the core reason behind the incident as stated, is their Galaxy Note 7 that was put on changing on the spot.

Samsung speaks on their initiative to save their customers

Samsung after experiencing several batteries explode incidents in the recent past, has finally decided to speak on the incidents that are majorly hitting human life. On its UK website, the mobile Samsung accepted that there is an issue a major manufacturing error in the way the battery cell has been designed. Anode-to-cathode contact is the battery has been stated as the key reason behind the battery explode events.

New initiatives by Samsung

A report by Samsung stated that the faulty batteries have been manufactured by Samsung's own subsidiary SDI, and hence they have taken a strict decision to have a temporary halt in the usage on its SDI's battery.

The proactive and voluntary step by Samsung to exchange the old Note 7 due to isolated battery cell issues is expected to start from September 21. Samsung will supposedly deliver the new stock to the retailers and operators across the world and will resume the sales of new Note 7 mobile device to its new customers latest by October 2016.


Tips to identify if the New Galaxy Note 7 battery is safe

Customers on receiving the newly replaced Galaxy Note 7, or in case they purchase a brand new one can now identify if they have purchased the newer version of Galaxy Note 7 or have received the older one. The packaging of the newer version will have clear identifiers on the mobile case with a small black square on the barcode, and a white sticker with a blue 'S' on it. Customers can further check their IMEI number on the online database by visiting the Samsung website, or can also speak to the Samsung officials directly in order to check whether their device is perfectly safe to be used.

For the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users

In the meanwhile, Samsung users who have been affected by the isolated battery explode can choose chose to get a new Galaxy Note 7 or ask for a complete refund of the money they spent to purchase the device. To do so, the customers can either contact the retailers they purchased the mobile device from, or directly contact Samsung.

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