These 11 Robots Are Coming to Assist You At Home!

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We all love gadgets and especially the intelligent ones. The kind of that can interact with us or one that does the work on its own without our assistance. And everyone fancies a robot even the small ones, so why not have such mechanical creatures at your home. They can help you clean the house, take care of the garden, help you feel relaxed and even entertain you. So here are some awesome robotic gadgets to splurge on.

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WheeMe Massage Robot


Who doesn't love a back massage but parlours can be expensive & your partner might not be always willing to do you the favour. So, what can you do when you need a massage? Simple, just place this WheeMe Massage Robot on your back and it will do the work. And don't worry about it slipping or falling down as it uses a unique tilt sensor technology that allows it to automatically steer itself over the body without falling off. It costs around $49.99 and requires no adjustments or assistance.


Starter Robotic Kit


Always wanted to build a robot of your own? Well, here's your chance at learning robotics, electronics, and Arduino programming. You can either make a robot tank or a three-wheel robot car using the different mechanical parts and electronic modules in the kit. It costs around $149.99.


QQ4R Car Robot


Now you don't have to force your kids to clean their rooms as they can do that simultaneously while playing. Thanks to the QQ4R Car Robot Vacuum Cleaner which has 4 intelligent cleaning modes and can be operated with a remote control. It also has sensors that prevent it from hitting walls and furniture, or falling down the stairs. This is an expensive toy though for your kids as it costs around $151.99.


Robot Mower


It is a smart robot lawn mower that works on an advanced micro-computer processor and has cool features like collision sensors and anti-theft system. And the best part is that when it rains, it automatically goes back to its shelter i.e. Charging Station.


Remote Controlled Tarantula


If you want to scare the hell out of your siblings or partner then this is the product for you. It can move forwards, backwards, and rotate 360 degrees while its legs move independently. It also looks like the real life creature especially when its eyes light up!!




On the other hand if you want to make a loved one happy then you can try gifting them Zoomer, the interactive robot dog. Or you could just buy one for yourself. Zoomer is playful, funny, can talk, bark, scoot around, wag its tail, and even understands three languages: English, Spanish and French. It costs around $85.25.




One of the most important elements in our today's life is mobile phones and how can we not protect them. AutoMee is the smallest robotic cleaner and can clean the screen of any smartphone or tablet. It only costs around $25.


Omnibot Hello!


A personal assistant that's always at your disposal 24x7 and you won't even have to pay it any salary. OmniBot Hello! MiP bot has two wheels, can be controlled by a smartphone and you can change its direction with a simple gesture.


Droplet Robotic Sprinkler


Not only it saves up to 90% of water consumption but also helps to protect your plants. It calculates the most effective angle to disperse water and the amount required. It costs around $300 and can be easily set up and configured via the web.




It's a self-cleaning robotic litter box which has smart sensors that detect when a cat has used the box and then it initiates a self-cleaning mechanism in 7 minutes. It also has a carbon filter that helps prevent odours and has a drawer that can be lined with regular kitchen garbage bags.


Bionic Bird


Enjoy a never seen before view of your neighbourhood with this Avitron Bluetooth Bionic Bird. It has a built-in camera that captures the footages and you can control the bird through your smartphone or tablet. It costs around $149.95.

So are you tempted to spurge some money on these cool gadgets? Or do you have a different wish list of your own. Please share with us your favourite/dream gadgets that you want to buy.


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