Google Cardboard VR Headset: All You Need to Know

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Google announced an updated version of its virtual reality headset. The VR will now work with a broad range of devices and is compatible with larger screen smartphone.

Google Cardboard VR Headset: All You Need to Know

According to Google, even a 6-inch bigger smartphone can fit in the VR headset and Apple iPhones are also compatible with the VR. Developers who design Google Cardboard apps can now choose to make them available on iOS, as the SDK for Unity will support Apple's OS as well.

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In addition, the Google Cardboard is now made even simpler to assemble. The earlier version took 12 steps to assemble, while now it just takes 3 steps. Google says it as one of its least expensive innovations. The device is still made of a cardboard with a pair of lenses to focus vision on a phone's display.

Google Cardboard VR Headset: All You Need to Know

Google Play store is loaded with hundreds of apps specially made for Cardboard. The app gets advantages of position-sensing capabilities in the smartphone to give Cardboard users a sense of looking around in virtual environments.

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Google also came up with Expeditions, a version of Cardboard designed for learning. The Expeditions will let teachers to take their students on a virtual trip without leaving classroom. Students wear Cardboard viewers while the mentor will control over the virtual locations.


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