Microsoft Unravels Surface Hub, a Giant 4K TV Set With Windows 10

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During its Windows 10 event on January 21, Microsoft showcased the Surface Hub, a big screen 4K TV with support for multi-touch and pen input. Microsoft's Surface Hub will run on a special version of Windows 10 operating system (OS) that integrates all your Windows devices together.

The Surface Hub is basically a giant TV set that will suit large business organizations. Unlike Smart TVs from the likes of Samsung and others, Surface Hub seems to be a better idea, as it is powered by Windows 10 - the latest operating system (OS) from the Redmond-based software giant.

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Microsoft Unravels Surface Hub, a Giant 4K TV Set With Windows 10

Notably, Microsoft has further customised the interface for such a large screen sized TV. The company's core signature apps such as Skype, Office 365 and One Note will be made available on Surface Hub.

"Surface Hub features state-of-the-art digital white boarding; instant remote conferencing; the ability for multiple people to share and edit content on the screen from a laptop, tablet or phone; and a trusted platform for large-screen apps. Available in two sizes - 55-inch and 84-inch - the Surface Hub removes the current limitations of traditional conference room scenarios to empower teams to create their best work together."

Microsoft Unravels Surface Hub, a Giant 4K TV Set With Windows 10

Surface Hub will made available in two screen sizes - 84-inch and 55-inch, according to a press release. Microsoft has to officially reveal the pricing details and release date of the Surface Hub, though we're sure it will be priced on a higher side.

Apart from unveiling Surface Hub, the tech giant also announced that Windows 10 would be offered free of charge for devices running Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Phone 8.1. It also unravelled the world's first holographic headset that does not need to pair with a smartphone or a computer; instead it has its own CPU, GPU and a dedicated HPU (Holographic Processing Unit).

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