Zebronics Launched 4 Headphones with 7.1 Surround Sound Starting at Rs 399

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Zebronics has today launched a series of 4 new gaming handsets from Top Notch Infotronix which is one of India's leading supplier of products and accessories for Computers, Consumer Electronics and Communication. The newly introduced gaming headphones called the Zebronics Iron Head, Colt, Rattlesnake, and Stingray, all come with volume control, mute button, mic on/off and inbuilt microphone.

Zebronics Launched 4 Headphones with 7.1 Surround Sound

Among the four sharp colored gaming headsets, the best one, Zebronics Iron Head comes at the price of Rs. 1,799. Although there has been a long debate as to which one is better between Noise cancellation or Noise isolation, leaving the conflict alone at the moment, this headphones come with the second technology. Moreover, Zebronics has also incorporated 7.1 channel simulated sound effects for powerful, immersive PC gaming audio, it delivers superior sound isolation in the headphones.

Zebronics Launched 4 Headphones with 7.1 Surround Sound

The soft ear pads are foam cushions that mold to the shape of your ears for maximum comfort over extended use. Dedicated microphone and volume controls are conveniently close at hand even when using a PC or notebook for gaming enabling quick use. Easily connected via USB and built-in sound processor and featuring a 3-meter long cable, the 7.1 channel simulated sound effect technology makes it the most vital weapon for your total PC gaming and movies enjoyment.

Zebronics Rattlesnake comes with a flexible headband and also features a built-in sound processor along with control pad for maximising the ease of use. Zebronics Colt, a unit with 30mm speaker dimension suitable for a spectrum of uses - music, movies, games as well as crystal clear voice calls. The Zebronics Stingray is a super bass headphone which can be used for high-end gaming, watching movies, listening to songs on any PMPs like the other three models.

To talk about the prices of the remaining three headsets, Zebronics Colt comes at Rs.349, Rattle Snake costs Rs. 999, and Stingray is priced at Rs. 499 including one-year warranty and are available right away at Zebronics' e-commerce site.

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