The Top 10 Relatable Things about Candy Crush Addicts!

    Even if you are living on the most remote location on the globe-but with Facebook access-there's no chance that you haven't heard about this game called Candy Crush.

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    Love it or hate it, Candy Crush is one of the most popular social networking games in the world. A large number of Facebook users play it and a lot of them spam you with notifications for sending free stuff in the game. If you have a friend or family member who plays this game, here are the top 10 relatable things about a Candy Crush addict.

    Candy Crush Hangover

    The Top 10 Relatable Things about Candy Crush Addicts!

    You close your eyes at night to finally get some sleep, from the tiring Candy Crush marathon session, and all you can see are lollipops, jelly beans, cough drops and candies of various colors. Is that bad? Nah. Just keep swiping in your sleep for the extreme gaming experience.

    Hooked for life

    You try to quit your addiction by going into a state of mental seniority. But, you know it; this urge can't be resisted for more than a couple of weeks. After that, you are back onto that satisfying bubble-bursting fun that Candy Crush has to offer.

    Sharing the love

    The Top 10 Relatable Things about Candy Crush Addicts!

    You are so much in love with the game that you download it on your Mom's smartphone. The person who was used to feature phones just a few days back is now enjoying the bursting of virtual candy, now that's tech-savvy. Anyway, you end up deleting it from her phone because-let's face it-you cannot hear any sort of criticism against the game.

    Cheaters gonna cheat

    Candy Crush is a freemium app formally but it in its true essence, the game is a free game and must be played like that. You secretly hate upon people who pay actual money to buy boosts and hacks to advance into the game faster. After all, it's a lot like life. You need to struggle to get ahead. Cheating is just bad for their karma, you know it.

    Optimization is key

    The Top 10 Relatable Things about Candy Crush Addicts!

    You optimize your whole schedule according to the time it takes to refresh the number of lives on your account. You think to yourself, "Screw that assignment or project, I need to start playing right now so that when my 30 minute break kicks in, my free lives are optimized in the same time".

    The more you know

    You check out our post and find out that you relate to a lot of things said above and that will follow below. Also, here's a fun fact: the makers of Candy Crush earn almost a million dollars each day, while you are enjoying bursting their bubbles. Yep, a million US dollars a day.

    The vibes are real

    The Top 10 Relatable Things about Candy Crush Addicts!

    You love the sound of bursting candy on the app so much that you have definitely hooked your smartphone onto to portable bluetooth or your car speaker to just take in the amazing sound at extreme volumes. After that, you seem to think what's wrong with your life though. There's that.

    Tizen? Wut?

    Another fun fact: Candy Crush is also available on Tizen OS - the mobile OS that is almost obsolete with availability on only few devices a couple of years back. Such is the popularity that even obsolete phones are enjoying the luxury of having your favorite game. Yeah, we know, you are contemplating getting that phone to get some more free lives.

    Too cool for this shizz

    The Top 10 Relatable Things about Candy Crush Addicts!

    You have extreme pity on those who are too cool to link their Candy Crush accounts to Facebook and will never get that they need to quickly speed through their quests needed to complete levels.

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    Data limits are cowards

    The Top 10 Relatable Things about Candy Crush Addicts!

    You get a text that your data limit is now over. You instantly understand that it is due to your Candy Crush playing habits and you will need to end all those processes. The next moment you purchase another data plan to get on with life, because life is tough and expensive.


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