Xbox Series X Running On Windows 10 OS Will Be The Computer Of The Decade


Xbox Series X is the latest flagship gaming console from Microsoft. In fact, it is more powerful than the Sony PS5 when it comes to raw power. For just Rs. 50,000, the Xbox Series X offers a great set of gaming capabilities, allowing users to play games at native resolution.

Xbox Series X With Windows 10 OS Will Be The Computer Of The Decade

Building a PC that's as powerful as the Xbox Series X will easily cost over Rs. 1,00,000, given, one has to get a top-tier CPU, GPU, memory, storage, and a capable of motherboard.

On top of that, the Xbox Series X also offers 16GB of video memory, making it a future proof gaming machine. As of now, the Radeon RX 6800 is the most affordable GPU in the market, which retails for Rs. 45,999 (without taxes).

Xbox Series X With Windows 10 Will Be A One Hell Of A PCThe Xbox Series X is more than capable of running Windows 10 64-bit OS without any issue. However, as of now, there is no way to install Windows 10 or any other desktop operating system on the Xbox Series X or any other gaming console from Microsoft, and there is a solid reason behind the same.

Most Consoles Are Sold At Loss

Even though the Xbox Series X is a bit expensive when compared to the India price, it is still sold at a loss. Most console makers use the "Gillette Model" while selling a gaming console, and this applies to brands like Nintendo and Sony as well.

What Is Gillette Model?

Gillette, as we all know is a famous razor company. It sells a re-usable razor handle which comes with a user-replaceable cartridge. Hence, every once in a while, one needs to purchase a new shaving blade to use the razor handle, as getting a new razor as a whole will cost a lot of money.


The same applies to the console makers as well. They sell the console at an affordable price, then, they make money from the games. No matter what title it is, every game maker has to give a percentage to the console maker, as a platform fee.

A console usually has a lifetime of around five to seven years, and a console owner is expected to buy at least three to five games in its lifetime. When this is multiplied by the millions of console sales per year, an OEM like Microsoft will easily make money.

It is very difficult to sideload a pirated game on a console when compared to a PC, hence, most console gamers have to buy the game to play. So, these console makers made sure that even a highly qualified PC enthusiast won't be able to run Windows or any other desktop operating system on a console.

Hence, you won't be able to run Windows 10 OS on the Xbox Series X, even though it is made by Microsoft. At the end of the day, it's all business, and those companies are set to make money.

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