GTA V And 5 Other Exciting Games Released in September 2013

    When they said that video games are the art form of our times, they weren't kidding. While Hollywood blockbusters fail to take home more than a few hundred million dollars after months of running shows and selling DVDs, video games set a different standard, with some raking in a billion dollars in less than two weeks or so. In the past, makers of Call Of Duty : Black Ops II, announced that they'd crossed the 1 billion mark in just fifteen days.


    The latest game to pull of such a feat happens to be Grand Theft Auto 5, which released earlier this week. Its easily the most successful game to date since it made 1 billion dollars in just three days of its release in stores. And we're not surprised, since the game has been in the making for over five years and has cost close $270 million to produce, thereby making it the most expensive video game ever made.

    Talking about the game itself, we've never had more fun being gangsta. There are three main characters, more weapons than you can handle and hours worth of in-game activities built around the plot and sub plots. The best part, everything is set in a one of the largest virtual worlds seen in a video game till date. Simply exploring the game's massive world left us with goosebumps, as we were spellbound by the elements that built our surroundings. And how big is this map? Well, roughly, much bigger than all the maps of Rockstar's last few games put together.

    Another aspect that we were intrigued by was about the thousands of things that one can do in GTA V's massive world. Everything from driving around to tricking your car, getting new clothes, customizing things, buying real estate or even taking a walk in the woods, all of it happens to consume hours and hours of your game-life.

    So yes, we're loving GTA V in a big, big way. But since GAT V in in the limelight, there's a chance that you've missed out some other exciting releases this month. Run through the slider below to check them all out.

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    Foul Play (XBOX 360)

    While most games are trying to be serious and realistic, paying a lot of attention to detail, Foul Play chooses to do something entirely different. In the game, you play as daemon hunter, Baron Dashforth, running through an exciting, action packed side-scroll game. What we loved was that the entire game was set on a theater stage.

    Using your character, you can perform combat moves. We enjoyed every single earth shattering takedown and power packed reversal. You can even have your friend join in on the fun as another character in the game, battling along your side as a trusty side kick. By offering the right blend of mystery, monstrosity and madness, Foul Play is one of those games that will allow you to keep your brains aside and engage in some fun, intense button mashing.


    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Wii U)

    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is a remastered and more beautiful version of a the original classic presented in 1080p graphics. Apart form the brilliant visuals, there will also be a wonderful, streamlined interface allowing for easier inventory management and the ability to instantly check out maps and zoom in on the GamePad controller's touch screen. Esentially, the game features several improvements and all the ingridients that made the origina title a success.



    Rayman Legends

    Rayman Legends is the the sequel Rayman Origins (2012). Following up from the previous game, there's more trouble in the Glade of Dreams. This time on, the nightmares quadrupled and have gone ahead to create new and more terrifying monsters. You're going to have to fight of your usual mix of Vicious Dragons, gigantic toads, ugly sea monsters, and much more. The game has received some rave reviews and it happens to be a must play this year, but only after you've finished playing GTA V.

    MechWarrior Online (PC, Xbox) (Free To Play)

    Since there's no price tag on this one, you'd best pick it up. MechWarrior Online puts you in command of a vehicularBattleMech thats loaded with guns, glory and much more.APart from simply commanding your Mech, you can customize, upgrade systems, interchange weapons, modify armor with endless variety at your disposal.

    You can either go head-to-head online alone or join friends in some challenging and fun conquests and modes.


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