Humble Indie Bundle 6 Breaks Record: 1,90,030 Bundles Already Sold

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Humble Indie Bundle 6 Breaks Record: 1,90,030 Bundles Already Sold

Humble Indie Bundle 6, a collection of independently developed cross platform games is climbing the success ladder quite fast. As of now the unit sales stands at a staggering value of 1,90,030. A majority of the revenue generated through the sales will go to charity and developers. Remaining portion will go to the bank accounts of the Humble Indie team. 

There are five games in Humble Indie Bundle 6. It includes Dustforce, Shatter, S.P.A.Z, Rochard, Torchlight and Vessel. To unlock Dustforce, users will have to pay an amount above the average cost which is $5.79 (approximately Rs 310). Among the games, Torchlight is particularly popular. Torchlight is a dungeon crawler RPG. 

Rochard is a science fiction action game whereas Shatter is a physics based brick breaking game. S.P.A.Z stands for Space Pirates and Zombies and is a simulated space combat game. Vessel is basically an interesting puzzle game. All the 6 games are DRM-free. If you pay an extra dollar you could avail a Steam key which will allow you to download and sync content from anywhere in the world. 

The new games are for the first time Linux compatible. So the presence of a bunch of bugs cannot be ruled out. Developers are toiling hard to make the releases bug free. The cross platform games are also compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. Five new exciting soundtracks have also been included with the bundle of games. 

Have a look at the trailer:

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