Mario is Back as New Super Mario Bros 2

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Mario is Back as New Super Mario Bros 2

Who doesn’t know Mario. Nintendo's Mario is arguably one of the popular characters ever created in the gaming world. Now Mario is back with a new Avatar – the New Super Mario Bros 2. The newly launched game has been released for Nintendo gaming consoles featuring Mario, Luigi and other favorite characters from the popular Mario series.

The Gameplay

New Super Mario Bros 2 mimics the original title and moves ahead plotting Bowser stealing the princess from under Mario's nose, sending his kids to take out Mario, who tries to find and save the princess. Jumping on enemies is the standard line of attack, the mushrooms will make Mario grow bigger, flowers bring the ability to shoot fireballs, leaves lend the ability to fly, and gold coins are the currency to really up his ante on points and a variety of added options.

However, here in this new game, there is something more than just an extra life when you collect 100 coins, you will also have an opportunity to unlock some bonus stages.

Although, gaming experts assume that the game could have been made more interesting, if coins had more significance beyond just giving extra life. Some star coins are even hidden and will require some more effort from users to explore them. Though this may please serious gamers, it may not be of liking to all users.

New Features

In addition to the usual options and benefits, there are some new tricks and options also in the offering like

  • A Golden flower that can turn all enemies golden for a short time.

  • Clicking on a turtle and moving it in a direction will lead to a trail of golden coins.

  • A new coin block head, if you hit on this block, its gets on to Mario's head until you hit an enemy again. Once Mario moves out, coins fallout from this block and can be collected.
Adding on, there is also an option to play this game in wireless mode. However, the gamers need to have a copy of this game installed in their Nintendo machines for playing this wirelessly. The new Mario game can also be played in 2D and 3D mode. Though the game is only in 2D mode, 3D effects with the 3DS Console will make the backgrounds look more deep giving gamers a much enjoyable experience.

Availability and Pricing

The New Super Mario Bros 2 is expected to have a retail price of Rs 3,500 in retail stores. Meanwhile, the game is available on the Nintendo 3DS platform for purchasing separately.

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