Microsoft may launch new Xbox in late 2013 [Report]

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Microsoft may launch new Xbox in late 2013 [Report]

For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the next Xbox edition, Microsoftwill be launching its new generation version Xbox (supposedly called Xbox 720) late next year. Sources close to the company have revealed this information on the condition that they remain anonymous due to the highly confidential nature of the product road map of the company. They revealed that the latest edition of Xbox is slated for November-December sales in 2013, probably intended for the holiday season.

According to one of these sources, the company has not yet decided whether it should reveal the product in a major industrial event like the E3 show held in June or whether a separate event be conducted for the sole purpose of revealing the product.

Even Sony is working on an update for its Playstation slated for a release next year. The release of both gaming consoles come a year after the debut of Nintendo’s latest Wii U which hit the U.S. market for sale in November 18.

Even as rumors of the yet-to-be Xbox is flying about, Microsoft has intensified its sale of the existing Xbox 360, selling over 750,000 units around Thanksgiving season surpassing even the company’s expectations.

Microsoft has not let out anything about the impending Xbox 720 so far, shrouding it in mystery.  However, there was a leaked document from Microsoft that had surfaced back in June which provides some insight into Microsoft’s plans for Xbox 720. The authenticity of the document has not been proven though. The56-page long document dated back to 2010 and reveals plans that Microsoft has about a new gaming console. The document referred to a second generation Kinect device as well as a patent filed by the company that would bring in augmented reality gaming in Xbox.

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