Akamai India Gaming Conclave: Cloud Gaming Likely To Hit Tipping Point In Next Few Years


Akamai hosted its first-ever gaming conclave called India Gaming Conclave on February 20, 2020. The event was filled with Indian and global game developers and gaming related service providers. For the uninitiated, Akamai is a content delivery network, which also offers cybersecurity and cloud service to third-party businesses.

Akamai India Gaming Conclave: Cloud Gaming Likely To Hit Tipping Point

The company did demonstrate some of the technologies that it is using to deliver latency and improve the end-user experience. We also had a chance to interact with one of the speakers and we threw in a couple of questions as well. Here are responses that we have received from the company for the questions related to gaming and streaming.

Is web/browser-based gaming the future?

Is web/browser-based gaming the future?

About five years ago, browser-based gaming was huge as developers tried to avoid issues around developing specific applications for each platform. It has declined since then as gaming stores and platforms became more accommodating. It is unlikely to make a comeback as performance will always be limited. However, in the case of cloud gaming (NVIDIA GeForce, Google Stadia), this is the way most of us play games - but it will take a long time given the technology/connectivity, business model and user acceptance hurdles they face.

By when will services like Google Stadia become mainstream in India?

By when will services like Google Stadia become mainstream in India?

Cloud gaming is likely to hit a tipping point in the next 3-5 years in high-broadband and low-latency areas. Growth after that point should accelerate and potentially be mainstream. Metropolitan regions and other well-connected geographies in India will mirror this timescale while rural areas / less wired towns will take much longer. Their best path forward will be affordable ubiquitous 5G connectivity.

Which are the major gaming brands that currently use Akamai’s services?

Which are the major gaming brands that currently use Akamai’s services?

Nine out of the Top 10 U.S. Video Game Companies and 23 of the Top 24 Global Video Game Companies are currently working with Akamai. Few of the gaming companies are:

  • Riot Games
  • Garena
  • GREE
  • Ankama
  • Ubisoft
  • Roblox
  • Jam City
Role of Akamai in the Indian Gaming Ecosystem

Role of Akamai in the Indian Gaming Ecosystem

Akamai works closely with game publishers worldwide, helping them improve the quality, consistency, and experience of gameplay for their end-users. We help gaming companies solve some of their most important game delivery and security challenges including:

An eSports Streaming Solution to provide a seamless, secure and personalized game viewing experience for end-users. The solution helps gaming companies provide high quality and secure game video streaming experience which is Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) optimized and supports industry-leading protocols for live and VoD streaming.

Highly scalable and reliable game download and in-game updates experience utilizing Akamai's file-based globally distributed CDN network to provide seamless game downloads and immersive experiences for end-users.

Low latency communication and messaging to provide players an immersive gaming experience using Akamai's hosted and fully managed IoT platform to seamlessly and securely connects devices for data collection and real-time messaging.

Last but not the least, helping game publishers secure gaming experiences and threats from multiple threat vectors including Bots, Credential sharing, User Identity leakages, and piracy threats.

Will Cloud services like Akamai help to curb piracy?

Will Cloud services like Akamai help to curb piracy?

The impact of streaming video piracy has reached epidemic proportions. Compromised revenue streams, diminishing the value of content rights, rights holders losing content rights, and more are what is at stake if media and entertainment organizations cannot mitigate the impact of online video piracy. With video piracy in the backdrop, as cloud gaming and esports streaming gather greater momentum in India, the threats around piracy are bound to have an additive effect within the gaming industry as well. To put things into perspective, the cost of global online streaming piracy will hit $52 billion by the year 2022, according to a report by Digital TV Research. Online TV and movie revenue lost to piracy in India is expected to reach USD 3.08 Billion by 2022.

Akamai's content security solution portfolio plays a critical role in helping organizations protect premium online content by applying for intelligent protection at the edge, safeguarding against online piracy, and securing online revenue streams. The portfolio helps media organizations Prevent Content Theft, Protect Content from Unauthorized Access, Secure Communications, and Protect Online Identities.

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