Dell Unveils Alienware Concept Nyx Technology During CES 2022


Dell's gaming brand Alienware has now introduced a new technology called Concept Nyx, which enables gamers to play on almost any device using local networking. According to Dell, this technology will reduce latency in multi-player titles and can offer a lag-free gaming experience on a cloud gaming setup.

Dell Unveils Alienware Concept Nyx Technology During CES 2022

Alienware Concept Nyx uses edge computing technology to process the game at home, which will then be streamed to devices like smart TV, desktop monitor, and more.

Dell also explains a scenario, where, one user will be exploring the Night City in CyberPunk 2077 while two of your roommates are going head-to-head on rocket league. Not just that, your cousin will also be building a new world in Minecraft, all powered by a single PC.

Now, take your controller and come downstairs to prepare dinner and continue to play Cyberpunk 2077 on a big television using the controller. This is said to be the advantage of Concept Nyx, developed by Dell for Alienware.

Dell Unveils Alienware Concept Nyx Technology During CES 2022

As of now, it is unclear if this works only on Alienware hardware or this can be done on already existing computers with software. Nonetheless, the technology looks promising, and the company is ironing out the bugs to make it prime time ready. The company has also shared a picture of the Concept Nyx hardware, which does look a lot futuristic with RGB lighting.

Alienware further states that the company is also working on other gaming peripherals. The company has also shared a picture of an Alienware branded gaming controller, which could hit the market in the coming days. The controller looks a lot different from Xbox and Playstation's controller and has a unique design with a dual-tone finish with an Alienware logo.

Concept Nyx Launch Date?

Dell has not specified any information about the launch of Concept Nyx. Given this is still a concept, the company could take around a year to finalize the hardware and capabilities of the Concept Nyx. As of now, the brand is currently working on the same and this solution might launch with a new name when it enters the market.

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