Nintendo to Blow up Gaming World with Wii U Consoles

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Nintendo to Blow up Gaming World with Wii U Consoles

Experts are already saying about it “it is going to change the way games are made and played”. That is Wii U for you, the new successor to Wii gaming console from Nintendo which is out this Sunday. Wii U is not just another game console; it can bring in much more to you. You can shoot down Ninja birds, use it as a TV remote control, open the world of virtual fantasy and so on. 

This transformational nature of Wii U was quite evident from the words of Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. He stated that though no product can manufacture buzz and word of mouth, the new Wii U console has everything which can trigger these things to happen. 

Let us get into the touchpad a little closer now. It has got a curvature shape, with button, thumbsticks, triggers and bumpers all placed in a rounded manner. You can operate this touchpad just like an iPad with a simple tap or swipe of a finger. Just to round off the accessories which are attached to this touchpad, we have speakers, microphone, stylus, camera and headphone jack. 

As like the previous console, Wii, the new Wii U also delivers a dual screen experience. You can even play on TV screen and the Gamepad screen simultaneously giving almost a parallel experience of playing with dual screen handheld gaming devices like Nintendo 3DS. 

You can double up the Wii U touch pad as a TV remote control as well as some kind of video aggregator controller (Netflix or Amazon interactive videos). Though even the Nintendo officials claim that the game pad has become slightly more complex due to the introduction of such rich functionalities, they added “We believe consumers will easily grasp the GamePad and what we're trying to do with the varied experiences we'll have not only at launch but over the next number of years in this system's life." 

Play Nintendo Land to know this new console fully

If you are getting confused and want to know the capabilities of this console fully, it is advisable to try the theme park based mini game, Nintendo Land. This game is being made available with the premium version of the Nintendo Wii U console. It will deliver wide range of gaming experience like sitting inside the dashboard of a space ship to an almost real-life experience of hide and seek game. 

The game pad acts as a high end scanner in the game ZombiU, which can scan the environment in depth and can, help players to defuse the terror elements around them in the gaming environment. 

When this console is out on Sunday, we are expecting around 23 games to be a part of it. As per the sources, around 50 games are targeted for this new console Wii U by 2013. 

Fils-Aime, President Nintendo America rightly concluded “"I think that developers and consumers are ready for new experiences. More than anything else, I think that's what driving excitement for Wii U. They've experienced what this generation has to offer. They're ready for something new." 

Let us all get ready for some new gaming experience with this multi-purpose gaming console in our hand. 

Source: Mercury News

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