Sony PlayStation Mobile Now Available on Vita and selected Android devices

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Sony PlayStation Mobile Now Available on Vita and selected Android devices

Sony PlayStation Mobile is now ‘Live’. It may be recalled that PlayStation Mobile is Sony’s cross-platform gaming service. Sony is planning to grab a major share in the gaming market with this service offering users to enjoy PlayStation Mobile games across multiple devices.

The supported devices include Android based smartphones and tablets which are certified with Sony PlayStation Mobile. Users using certified devices will also have access to PlayStation Store. The purchases being made will be saved on the PlayStation Network ID of the user. One of the advantages of PlayStation Mobile is the ability to play games being purchased in any of the certified devices ranging from tablets, smartphones to PlayStation Vita. 

Sony PlayStation Mobile is not available in all the countries. As of now, it will be made available in countries such as Japan, UK, USA, France, Canada, Germany, Australia, Spain and Italy

The titles being launched for PlayStation Mobile include: 

  • Super Crate Box

  • Hungry Giraffe

  • Wipe!

  • Samurai Beatdown

  • Revel

  • Numblast

  • Beats Slider

  • Everybody’s Arcade

In another development, Sony announced that the PlayStation Vita third party support has been disappointing. The company blames it on the increasing competition in the market which has been offering so many options for publishers.

The company has also promised to fix an issue in PlayStation Vita which allows homebrew software to run in the device. Sony also came down heavily on analysts who criticized the lower success rate of PlayStation Vita saying, “Worldwide, Vita is pretty much along where we would expect it to be, may be trending behind in certain territories.”

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