10 Fun facts about Television you might not be aware of

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If 'The Idiot Box' or the conventionally known Television was a man, it could have become 91 years old on coming 30th October.

10 Fun facts about Television you might not be aware of

In this occasion, We at GIZBOT have brought you few less known facts about this greatest technological innovation you might not have heard of.

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Fact Check 1: Do you know who was the human face to be aired on TV?

William Taynton, the assistant of inventor John Logie Baird was the human face to be aired on Television. another interesting fact is that he was paid two shillings and a sixpence per week to simply sit in front of the hot TV transmitter.

Fact Check 2: The first real person on TV was not real!

Television inventor Baird used a ventriloquist's dummy to sit before the TV transmitter. Its name was Stooky Bill.

Fact Check 3: The Britishers are not keen on watching TV

Although the Television inventor was a British by birth, the average people in the UK watches TV just for  four hours a day.

Fact Check 4: American Children watches more death than an average person

Shockingly, it has been calculated that an American child watches 13,000 murders and deaths on Television between ages 5-14.

Fact Check 5: Arrest That Monkey!

In 1997, a monkey was arrested the African state of Benin for stealing a television aerial.

Fact Check 6: TV Density

Despite the fact that an average British watches TV just 4 hours a day, in 2004, the number of television sets in the UK overtook the number of people!

Fact Check 7: Guess who were the first couple shown in bed on TV?

Fred and Wilma Flinstones! Yes, Fred and Wilma from the cartoon The Flinstones are the first couples shown on the bed on prime time US TV.

Fact Check 8: No TV on Iceland!

Yes, it's true that until 1987 there was no TV broadcaster in Iceland.

Fact Check 9: There was no such word called Television!

Television was recognized as a word in English on 1907. And its abbreviation TV came into the picture on 1948.

Fact Check 10: Biggest fact of Television came from Christopher Lloyd

In his famous movie Taxi, Christopher Lloyd said the bitter-sweet truth of TV, "You know the really great thing about television? If something important happens, anywhere in the world, night or day, you can always change the channel"

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