5 Warning Signs your Computer has been Hacked

    In today's scenario, most of the anti-virus and anti-malware software are useless and inaccurate, unless you buy the original version! Moreover, it is difficult to find the hacker/virus on a computer due to its impersonal behavior.

    5 Warning Signs your Computer has been Hacked

    Currently, we have seen a lot of hackers in the news hacking the big organizations, government and much more. To prevent this happening, antimalware programs monitor program behaviors are employed, which are often called as heuristics.

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    Other such programs keep the track of virtualized environments, system monitoring, network detection in order to prevent malware from attacking. But in most of the cases, it turns out to be inaccurate as well. Below are the 5 things that you may notice after a computer has been hacked.

    1. New software installed

    In some situations, you see some new software or files on your desktop. When your computer is used by many, there might not be a problem. But if you are the only one using the computer and new programs are installed, this could be an indication that it has been hacked.

    2. Can't Go online!

    You are hacked if your cannot access any websites such as Gmail, Facebook because of password failure. In this case, try using the forget password feature to reset it. If you email is changed or this feature doesn't work, immediately contact some for help! Other signs include, unnecessary redirection, extra browser appearance fake security update and much more.

    3. Additional malware and overrides

    You are being hacked, when you notice additional toolbars on your browser without your knowledge, that might claim to help you! Another instance include email spamming, where your email is used to spread spam and viruses to friends and colleagues in your contacts list.

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    4. Remote connectivity!

    In this case, you will lose the control of your system, where the real actions like uninstalling apps, opening files will be performed by a human/hacker at the other end. When someone is remotely connected to your computer, your Internet connection will get slower. In this case, your system will become zombie to other computers

    5. Security programs uninstalled!

    If your computer's anti-virus or anti-malware program or firewall has been disabled, then it is an indication of a hacked computer. This move will help the hackers to disable any warnings that would appear while they are on your machine.

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