Four Ways to Convert any HDTV into Smart TV

Don’t bother with not having a Smart TV anymore.

    Along with the smartphones, the TV technology has improved a lot in the span of the last two to three years. If you're following the TV technology, then you surely have heard about the differences between an HDTV, Ultra HD TV, and a Smart TV.

    Four Ways to Convert any HDTV into Smart TV

    While everyone can't afford themselves to get an Ultra HD or Smart TV, they want to enjoy the features offered by them. Also, with the HDTV's, connecting to other devices is a hassle, but with the Smart TV's, it's a simple task.

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    What if you want the features of Smart TV in your HDTV itself? Yes, you can do that. With the help of the below listed ways, you can easily transform any HDTV into a Smart TV.

    By Using an HDMI Cable

    Almost all the HDTVs come with an HDMI port with which you can connect your laptop and view the content you need. If your HDTV doesn't come with an HDMI port, then you can use the VGA cable along with an audio port to connect it to your laptop.

    Use any Dongle

    Also, you can convert your HDTV to Smart TV by connecting a dedicated dongle to the HDTV such as the Google Chromecast. In addition to Google Chromecast, there are several other Android-based dongles available in the market right now. With the help of these dongles, you can easily stream online content, and even access the Google Play Store to download various games, apps, etc.

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    By Using Your Video Game Console

    Right now, only a few people know the fact that gaming consoles such as Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox can be used to stream and watch online content apart from playing games. Yes, these gaming consoles come with support for wireless connectivity.

    By Connecting Home Theater PC (HTPC)

    The easiest way to transform your HDTV into a Smart TV is by connecting your Home Theater PC (HTPC). With the HTPC, you can watch all the movies, stream online content, etc. However, you need to connect the HTPC by using the HDMI cable itself.


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