Netflix Users Can Selectively Cut-Off Access To Devices: How To Use New Feature?

Netflix Users Can Selectively Cut-Off Access To Devices

Netflix is making it easier to spot and control access to devices on which an account is being used. The new "Manage Access and Devices" tab will allow subscribers to cut off unwanted guests or free users. The new feature grants more power to paying users and helps them manage their accounts better. Let's see how to use the feature and keep a tab on account usage.


Netflix Subscribers Can Remove Devices From Their Accounts

Netflix has indicated it has started rolling out the "Manage Access and Devices" feature. As the name clearly implies, the feature will allow users to see which devices are accessing the account. Users can also choose to restrict access to select devices.

The new feature is being positioned as a safety feature. Netflix claimed it intentionally launched the feature right before the upcoming holiday season in western countries.

The streaming giant has argued that several paying subscribers would be traveling to their friends and families. Several of these users could use their Netflix accounts on devices wherever they may be staying during the holidays. Some of the users might forget to log out.

Using the newly introduced 'Managing Access and Devices', users can look for devices on which their account is still active or logged in. If users spot any recent devices that have been used to stream data using their account, they can easily log out of these devices remotely with a single tap.

'Manage Access and Devices' Tab To Restrict Usage

Netflix has confirmed that the Manage Access and Devices feature will be available to users around the world on the web, iOS, and Android platforms. In other words, every Netflix account holder will be able to access the feature from any platform and anywhere in the world.

Netflix Users Can Selectively Cut-Off Access To Devices

To check its availability, tap on Profile icon > Accounts > Managing Access and Devices. The page will list the device type and the latest content consumed on that device as well as the time. The page also indicates the approximate location of the device. Users can remotely sign out of unfamiliar or unwanted devices with a single tap.


Netflix may have offered the feature for enhanced security of an account. However, it appears the streaming giant wants its paying users to push out freeloaders and force them to get an account. The company recently launched an option to add an extra member for users living in select countries by paying for them. These two features could ensure paying subscribers start logging out of devices they do not use.

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