Now you can stream 4K content on a Big Screen with MediaTek’s UltraCast

MediaTek UltraCast allows you to stream 4K content from your smartphone to a 4K TV or a setup box.

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If you were looking for a portable device that can wirelessly stream 4K content from a smartphone to a TV in living room, then your wait is over.

Now you can stream 4K content on a Big Screen with MediaTeks UltraCast

MediaTek has announced the launch of its UltraCast technology, the first chipset-enabled streaming technology in the market that will allow you to enjoy the stunning clarity of 4K video content generated by your smartphones on a 4K-ready television or set-top box.

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MediaTek Ultracast device does wirelessly, provided that your smartphone have 4K content and your TV supports 4K resolution.

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Ultracast works over Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast

MediaTek UltraCast device utilizes the standard Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast technology, which is a standard for transmitting content through wireless connections from mobile devices to large display TVs, monitors or projectors. Ultracast adds the ability to stream 4K content on the Wi-Fi CERIFIED Miracast, which replaces the traditional cable connection between device and display.

Wirelessly Stream 4K content from your smartphone to a TV

4K content viewing is still in its early stages due to lack of infrastructure and content availability. This is what MediaTek UltraCast wants to change. The device utilizes the existing 4K recording capabilities on smartphone platforms and 4K Ultra HDTV to bring a better, more affordable 4K viewing experience to your living room.

The first of its kind 4K Streaming technology

MediaTek UltraCast is the first technology that bridges the gap between content creation devices i.e. smartphones and tablets and large display devices such as TVs, monitors, projectors, and setup boxes. As per MediaTek, UltraCast uses company's advanced video smoothing algorithm, preserving picture quality while reducing latency between devices.

Device’s Supported

MediaTek UltraCast will be available on MediaTek Helio series smartphone chipsets and MediaTek 4K Ultra HDTV chipsets. Besides, MediaTek UltraCast will also be available to third-party smartphones, DTV and Box component manufacturers to leverage the technology on their own devices and for their own uses.

Price and Availability

UltraCast is now available for MediaTek partners and customers. MediaTek has not mentioned anything about the pricing of the streaming device, however we will soon update the space with the required information.

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