Top 11 Furniture Marvels For The Futuristic Home

    The word Futuristic in itself gets us excited then what happens when we actually see something futuristic. And no we are not talking about some NASA research station equipments but the furniture for your home.

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    With advancement in technology more & more emphasis is put on having aesthetically pleasing and space saving furniture. Also smart furniture is being developed in order to facilitate our various needs.


    It has a touchscreen panel and a mini desk to hold keyboards & mouse. At the end of the tail are three 24" LED HD monitors that arch right in front of the person.

    The Emperor 200 is also motorized, which means you can position the chair to your liking and there's is also THX surround sound and air filtration.



    The Sonic Chair comes in 35 different colours and it can be connected an iPod or a notebook computer so that you can enjoy your favourite music in a self-contained setting.



    Turkish designer Faith Can Sarioz created this dining table that features the innovative concept of a sphere which can be closed to save space. It houses a light at the centre with a glowing blue light at the base and seats six.



    The Up Down Bed Draws Up into the Ceiling to Increase Usable Space though you'll need sufficient space between the roof of your room and the floor above for the Up Down Bed to work.

    Having said that, it is a great tool for apartments with little horizontal space to spare. The 4 Bild Casa system requires just the press of a button to work and only one or 2 feet in depth is required for the recess in the ceiling.



    Designed by renowned Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid this futuristic prototype design features a touchscreen control panel, heating membranes, sound activators, aromatic scent dispensers, LED lights along with a multimedia entertainment system that comes with a flat screen TV and your very own Apple Mac mini. Woof! Too much for a piece of furniture right!



    Let's say this bed was designed in space or for space use, as is the design incorporated by Wasserbetten. It contains built-in surround sound, therapeutic lighting, water bed sound and a water mattress to simulate the weightlessness of space.



    This bed is designed by Edoardo Carlino, It includes a reading lamp, a sound system, games consoles, a HD projector and blinds that enclose you. It's an elegant and visually stunning full-fledged multimedia entertainment system.



    Award winning designers like David Koo and Zheng Yawei have come up with this amazing concept design. They plan to use a magnetic force base which will levitate a soft upper cushion, working just like a cloud floating in the sky. So who wants to sleep on a cloud!



    It has an energy saving mode which when turned on can recycle the hot water on site, isn't that great! The device comes equipped with a touch screen panel along with temperature and pressure control buttons. This next generation energy efficient water system is designed by David Koo.



    Using one-way mirror film, plastic acrylic, LEDs and ultrasonic sensors the chair cloaks itself and blends into its environment. This chair is designed by Ben Alun-Jones in an attempt to re-create invisibility by using light and space.

    And don't worry about stumbling over this chair as it seems invisible because it has the ability to interact with humans, by flashing LED's the nearer you get to the seat.



    The bath tub is constructed using doubled skinned GRP mouldings, and it uses its in-built LEDs to create the perfect ambiance. The tub also comes with its very own mp3 player and has the latest filtration system. This futuristic bath tub design is created by i-Sopod.

    We guess you are pretty excited right now after feasting your eyes upon these fabulous futuristic pieces of furniture, but you would have to hold your horses as most of these designs are just prototypes and not production models.


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