Top 10 Smart Wearables With A Blend of Fashion And Tech

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Thanks to the growing wearable segment, smartbands and smartwatch are becoming the new catalyst that helps you be handsfree and to achieve your fitness and health goals. Smart fitness bands come handy to track your fitness regime while you spend hours on exercising - be it running, biking, swimming or gyming.

Top 10 Smart Wearables With A Blend of Fashion And Tech

In fact, there are bands that can even track your sleeping patterns. Moreover, most of these are not priced on the higher side and are available at a rather attractive price point.

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Nowadays, its a new trend of wearables, more female-targeted line of devices are emerging and offering features beyond health and fitness. There are some wearables that look of real jewellery made of metals and stones instead of plastic bands. We have selected top 10 smart wearables and fashionable at the same time.

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Swarovski Shine


The Swarovski Shine tracker is a varicoloured aluminium disc that can be worn on a wristband, pinned to a lapel, hung on a pendant, or slipped into a custom-made sock or t-shirt.

Tory Burch Fitbit


Tory Burch worked with FitBit to develop four accessories that house the Fitbit's core, which pops out of the wristband. The core is where the device holds its sensors that track activity, sleep cycle and so on.



Ringly is an 18k-gold plated ring that connects with a smartphone to discreetly notify the wearer of a call or text. The idea is to incorporate tech into women's everyday accessories so that they can enjoy the moment without missing something important.

Mica Smart Bracelet


Intel has teamed up with fashion design company Opening Ceremony to launch a new smartband called MICA. It comes with 3G radio, a GPS chip, and integration with TomTom and Yelp, all viewable from the curved 1.6-inch OLED display found on the inside of the bracelet.

Beacon Smart Cuff


It's a sleekly curved bracelet of gold or silver. Insetad of utilizing a full-on display, the Beacon features a thin LED strip that lights up in different colors based on the type of notification.

Samsung Gear S2


Samsung entirely modified the design language of the previous Gear S to come up with a premium looking smartwatch which looks no less than your traditional 'unsmart' time wear. Here is our first impression of the Gear S2.

Moto 360 2nd Gen


It is a beautiful watch with intelligence and smart features. The Moto 360 2nd gen in India is available in five variants, including two leather versions, two metal variants and a gold version. 

Fitbit Blaze


Fitbit introduced the Blaze, a fitness watch which features a colorful touchscreen. The Fitbit also has a collection of stylish leather and stainless steel bands. The Fitbt Blaze allows to answer phone calls, check text messages and check calendar notifications.

Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity


The Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity features a large sunlight readable display which is always on. In addition to 24/7 heart rate monitoring, the vívosmart HR counts floors climbed, calories burned and measures activity intensity. Sporting an elegant touchscreen, "vívosmart HR" activity tracker will be available on the e-commerce portal Amazon at an initial price of Rs.14,999.

Jawbone Up Move


Those on a budget can also consider the Jawbone Up Move smartband. It does not come with a built-in display, but can track a user's activity and show the data through a smartphone app. The band is capable of counting steps and monitoring sleep. The best part is that this can be worn either as a clip-on or in a wrist strap.

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