Here's How Smartphone Makers Dominate The Smart TV Market In India


The advancements in technology is bringing a shift towards the smart living concept, the smart TV category is gaining momentum. It is touted to be the first step in the ecosystem of smart home devices. The smartphone makers all over the world are leveraging this trend and venturing into the smart TV market segment.

Here's How Smartphone Makers Dominate The Smart TV Market In India


The advantage with smartphone brands is that this category is just an extension for many of them as they already have knowledge about the TV supply chain. Also, they have the expertise to develop smart TVs. These factors make their entry into the smart TV market segment easier than other companies.

Chinese Brands Dominate Indian Smart TV Market

When it comes to the overall smart TV industry, the Asian market is less mature as compared to the western world. In the developed markets such as Europe and North America, the traditional TV brands such as LG, Samsung, and Sony are highly recognized. And, the Chinese brands such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc. are ruling the industry in the emerging markets such as India. In the Indian smart TV arena, Xiaomi has occupied the top spot with its aggressively priced offerings.

Xiaomi is a pioneering smartphone brand to enter into the smart TV market segment. Besides having established its position as a value for money brand in the smartphone market segment, the company went on to capitalize the smart TV market as well. It won't be an exaggeration to say that Xiaomi has disrupted the smart TV market with its budget offerings. In addition to the Indian smart TV space, the company is touted to hold 7% market share in the global smart TV market.

Following the success of Xiaomi in this segment in Asia, other smartphone makers also plunged into this sector. Especially, there is a special focus on the Indian and Chinese markets. In India, there are many smartphone makers that have entered the smart TV market such as Nokia and Motorola as these brands want to explore the opportunity on the Indian grounds before expanding their market presence.


The latest market entrant, Realme is all set to intensify this market segment with its latest offerings. Mostly, the affordable smart TV brands focus on the first-time buyers and provide a feature-rich and tailored experience to them without making them shell out a lot of money on the product. The only brand that has brought a difference is OnePlus as it tapped into the premium smart TV market segment.

What's Helping Smart TV Business In India

Talking about the success of smart TV brands in India, there is a steady growth as the country is witnessing massive use of the internet and an unprecedented increase in OTT consumption. Unlike smartphones that have an average lifespan of two years, a smart TV with an average life of over five years is a family-involved purchase, adds a report by Counterpoint Research.

The availability of Chinese brands that sell smart TVs at an affordable pricing help first-time buyers adapt to this trend, thereby taking the industry to the next level. Apart from these affordable offerings, even the well-established brands are popular and have their own user base in the country.

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