How Samsung Crystal 4K TVs Redefine Viewing Experience By Upscaling Content

By Gizbot Bureau

TV viewing has become more than just consuming lackluster videos. With advancements in display technologies, anyone can now experience high-quality premium content in 4K HDR and Dolby Vision format at the comfort of their living room, provided that they have invested in the right product from a trusted brand. When we talk about trusted brands in the TV industry, the first name that instantly comes to our mind is Samsung.

Now upscale content on TV for a 4K viewing experience

The South Korean technology giant has consistently improved the TV-viewing experience over the last decade. From 70-inch Oxide TFT-LCDs to the world's first 120Hz 8K 75-inch panels, Samsung has always upscaled innovation to elevate user experience in the ever-growing consumer display segment. The company has the most diverse display portfolio and has mass-produced a total of two billion AMOLED panels in the past few years to meet the market needs.

Samsung's AMOLED displays have always been our most recommended screens for their visual excellence in any given size and format. Among various big-screen smart TVs we have tested in the past few years, Samsung's smart TVs have managed to deliver the most visually stunning viewing experience with all widely popular streaming formats and technologies.

Now upscale content on TV for a 4K viewing experience

To further strengthen their top-shelf product portfolio, Samsung has introduced the Crystal 4K series in India. The new 4K TV line-up offers two ranges - Crystal 4K and Crystal 4K Pro and both promise best-in-class display performance and smart features. These TVs flaunt true 4K UHD panels and are backed by the latest display technologies to deliver an unmatched cinematic viewing experience.

How Samsung is once again redefining the TV-viewing experience? Let's find out.

Now upscale content on TV for a 4K viewing experience

Samsung Crystal 4K- Vivid 4K UHD Displays With 4X More Pixels

Several TV manufacturers are selling 4K smart TVs in India; however, only a handful of them offer true 4K UHD panels. Since only a true 4K UHD display can deliver the immersive TV-viewing experience, we recommend Samsung Crystal 4K TVs to users who don't want to compromise on picture/video quality. The true 4K panels with 3840 x 2160 pixels bring alive the content with superior clarity for a truly cinematic viewing experience. What is even more interesting is the unmatched content upscaling capabilities of these TVs, ensuring identical picture performance with no compromise in details, colors, and clarity.


Let's understand how Samsung created the most capable upscaling algorithms driven by the all-new proprietary Crystal Processor 4K.

Now upscale content on TV for a 4K viewing experience

Crystal Processor 4K For Unmatched Performance

Samsung's new in-house Crystal Processor 4K is the force behind the unmatched performance of the new TV series. The new chipset is specially designed to meet the viewing requirements of modern consumers. In case you don't have 4K content handy, the underlying SoC automatically scales up Full HD (1080p) content to 4K quality, thus enhancing clarity and colors. The CPU does that by carefully analyzing individual frames in the 1080p video files.

Post-frame analysis, the chipset orchestrates colors, optimizes high contrast ratio, and masters HDR to add more information in the frames in the form of shadows and colors for a better overall viewing experience. Despite streaming 1080p resolution files, you will experience an immense spectrum of colors with mind-blowing visual details, even in darker scenes with complex in-room lighting.

Now upscale content on TV for a 4K viewing experience

Upscaling Also Improves Gaming Performance

The upscaling also comes in handy while playing games on the big 4K UHD panels. The sophisticated upscaling process works in conjunction with 'Game Enhancer' to optimize the colors and graphics performance. Resultantly, the Samsung Crystal 4K TVs run games without any noticeable input lag. If you are an avid gamer, you will simply love the smooth graphics delivery with no motion blurs and judders at all.

Now upscale content on TV for a 4K viewing experience

Most Realistic Colors For True Cinematic TV Viewing Experience

Samsung displays have always aced the color science irrespective of their price-point. For the new TV series, Samsung has deployed advanced PurColor and 16-bit 3D Color Mapping technologies that enhance color reproduction multifold. Combined, the two display technologies produce billions of colors on the 4K panel to create the most life-like visual experience, further enhanced by Samsung's HDR technology. These new-age display features allow you to enjoy your favorite movies and series exactly how the creators intend them to appear on the big-screen TVs.

Moreover, the TVs in the Samsung Crystal 4K series also feature 'Dual LED backlighting' technology that dynamically adjusts the on-screen colors depending upon the content being streamed. Since the panel dynamically adjusts colors and brightness, you are bound to experience the most realistic color tones with any given content format and in different lighting situations.

These technologies empowering the true 4K UHD panels on the Crystal 4K TV series make the experience truly immersive and seamless.

Running on Tizen, the new Samsung TVs come equipped with all the modern features that millennials today look for in a smart TV. You can buy the Crystal 4K Smart TVs on Samsung's official India website and in partner retail stores across the country.

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