The VOID Offers Ultimate Virtual Reality Experience From Your Favorite Movies


VR or Virtual Reality is picking its pace and it could be the next big thing in the world of entertainment. Though several brands are working on various VR projects, one company that really stands out is The VOID.


What Is The VOID?

What Is The VOID?

The VOID is a virtual reality experience company that has developed its own set of VR experiences based on trending movies and superheroes powered by Rapture Rigs. Unlike most of the VR experiences that are limited to the visual and audio experience, the VOID offers a complete body experience. The company calls this whole experience is an Omniverse, which is nothing but an infinite, parallel virtual three-dimensional space.

In the beginning, the VOID offered a VR-modified bike helmet-like gear. However, currently, the company offers a full-body kit, which is comfortable and also includes gesture tracking sensors and rapture blasters, that act as a weapon in Omniverse.

Can Anyone Experience The VOID?

Can Anyone Experience The VOID?

No, there are certain parameters that one should pass to experience the VOID. One should be at least 10 years old with a minimum height of 122cm (4ft). If the user is under 18 years, then she/he has to get a safety waiver from the parent/guardian.

As of now, the company is offering 2 experience passes for $80 (approx Rs. 5688.78), which means a single experience will cost $40 (approx Rs. 2844.39). Do note that, one has to prebook the slot on its official website to experience the VOID.

The VOID Experiences

The VOID Experiences

As of now, the company offers a total of six experience and here is complete information on the same.

GHOSTBUSTERS DIMENSION -- Where one will be able to act as a ghostbuster to kill an ancient ghost that has been troubling Dr. Ray Stantz, Director of Recruitment Research and Trainee Certification.

NICODEMUSDEMON OF EVANISHMENT -- In this VOID experience, one can experience Electro-Spiritualism with time traveling to the early 80s.

RALPH BREAKS VR -- This is an arcade game style experience that Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz. Where they sneak out into the internet to find the video games and a food fight.

STAR WARS SECRETS OF THE EMPIRE -- Your mission in the experience is to recover an important Imperial intelligence vital for rebellion's survival, where you will be disguised as a stormtrooper with a blaster.

AVENGERS DAMAGE CONTROL -- This is an MCU experience, where Shuri will recruit a team to test a new prototype suit designed by combining Wakandan and Stark technologies.

JUMANJI REVERSE THE CURSE -- This is the latest experience that the VOID offers and is based on the new Jumanji movie.

Is The VOID Experience Available In India?

Is The VOID Experience Available In India?

As of now, the VOID experience is not available in India. However, it is available in the US, Canada, Malaysia, and the UAE. I hope the company soon launches this service in India as well.


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