Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier Review: Innovative design and plenty of features

Dyson’s intelligent Air Purifiers are available in Desk and Tower variants. The price starts at Rs. 34,990.


Air purifiers are gradually becoming an important house-hold accessory in the Indian market. The growing awareness of the importance of safe indoor air quality to lead a healthy lifestyle has boosted up the demand for air purifiers in the last few years. Besides, the rapid decline in the prices of air purifiers due to new entrants is also a major reason for the growing trend.


Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier Review


One of the most recent brands to enter Indian Territory is Dyson, UK's leading technology company known for its efficient motors. Dyson forayed in the Indian market with the launch of company's exclusive product lineup that includes Air Purifiers, Vacuum cleaners, and Hairdryers. The company's entire product portfolio has two things in common; efficient motors and innovative design. Dyson Air purifiers are quite different from the array of products already selling in the Indian markets. They follow a different design approach and bring some useful features that others fail to deliver.

We are using Dyson's top-of-the-line Pure Cool Link air purifier for over three weeks in Delhi NCR's residential areas, which are very well known for their harmful pollutants around the globe. How's our experience? Let's find out.

Design: Innovative and Appealing

Design: Innovative and Appealing

Dyson's Cool Link tower air purifiers are by far the most compact and appealing air purifiers I have seen till date. Available in two form factors, Desk and Tower, the air purifiers instantly grab attention due to their unique outlook. You might confuse them for a modern-day wireless tower speaker, but on a closer look, you will actually see the difference and Dyson's thoughtful design to serve the air purification purpose.

Dyson Pure Link air-purifier is divided into two parts. The bottom part of the air purifier is where all the action takes place. The cylindrical component houses Dyson's powerful motor that draws in surrounding air and purifies it. The cylindrical base also houses Glass-Hepa filter that removes the particulate matter and a carbon filter. As per Dyson, the company's Pure Link air purifiers have lower face velocity that prevents the ultra-fine particles to step back into the surroundings. Dyson claims that particles as small as 0.1 microns stay trapped in the filter media and the only clean air is pushed out from the air purifier.

Can work as a Fan when the weather is pleasant

Can work as a Fan when the weather is pleasant

Once the pollutants in the air are cleared, the clean air is pushed out into the room. The upper portion of the purifier, which can also oscillate, works as a fan and creates a jet of airflow without any physical blades. The Air Multiplier technology is utilized here to project purified air into the surroundings. The impeller draws in air from all 360 degrees and accelerates it into the annular loop. Dyson implements applied fluid dynamics that multiplies the initial airflow and projects a powerful stream of uninterrupted, purified air. The air stream can be used on days when the weather is pleasant. During hot summer days, you would need air conditioning but once the room temperature is workable, the air purifier can be used as a fan.

Detachable Design and easy setup

Detachable Design and easy setup

Talking about some other important design aspects, the Pure Cool Link air purifier weighs just 7.9 pounds and has the dimensions of 7.7 x 4.3 x 40.1 inches. Place it anywhere in your house and it will be the center of attention due to its futuristic look and feel. The complete setup is also easy to assemble and disassemble. The upper hollow air ramp can be detached by pressing the two buttons placed on the bottom component. The base also has a tiny display that shows fan's speed, mode, Wi-Fi connection status, etc.

Another small yet thoughtful design feature is the small magnetic holder at the top of the purifier that neatly holds the remote. You can just place it there and it will not fall off even if the oscillation is enabled.

Overall, if you care about design and aesthetics, the Dyson Air purifiers will serve the best purpose for your living room and office space. The Pure Cool Link purifiers are available in Iron/Blue and White/ Silver colors.

Dyson Pure Link Performance

Dyson Pure Link Performance

As mentioned, Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier works on a 360 degree, vacuum-sealed glass HEPA filter that is made of 20 feet HEPA borosilicate microfibers pleated over 200 times. As per Dyson, the filter is capable to remove 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns, which is PM 0.1 particles. The cylindrical component also has a carbon filter, which basically traps toxic fumes such as paint fumes, foul odors, etc. The gaseous capture rate can vary depending upon factors like area, place, etc. The tower variant of Pure Link air purifier will serve just fine for a medium-sized room. For a big living room, you would at least two units.

The PM levels can go really high in Delhi NCR and the time taken by the air purifiers to maintain a good air quality can be very high. I have kept the air purifier in a 17 x 11 feet room and it takes a considerable time to bring the air quality from very poor to fair. Sadly, the AQI level never touched the ‘Good' mark while using the Dyson machine throughout my usage.

If the latest WHO report is to be believed, which suggests that Faridabad is the second most polluted city in the country, Dyson air purifier is doing a good job here. However, there are some powerful air purifiers in the market in similar price-point.

As far as filter replacement is concerned, Dyson says that the companion app will inform you when it needs to be changed and generally the filters can last for 12 months; however, the filter size seems rather small. Considering the severity of air pollutants in most of the parts of India, I doubt the filters will last for a year. The filter cost is Rs. 2,690.

360 Degree protection

360 Degree protection

Unlike most of the air purifiers, Dyson's machines are designed to take care of every nook and corner of your surroundings. The HEPA filter is placed inside a 360-degree shroud, which has intake holes to pull air in from every direction. What this means is that you can place Dyson air purifier anywhere in the room and it will still pull in air from every angle to remove the pollutants. Besides, as mentioned before, Dyson's machines come with a lower face velocity that prevents harmful pollutants to escape back into the room.

The Air Quality Intex (AQI) showed ‘Severe' levels at my place, and even Dyson purifier had to work hard to bring some noticeable changes in the first week. I could see the change in the air quality- from Very poor to poor and then fair in about two day's usage. A week's usage showed safer values on AQI scale. Sensors inside the air purifier automatically detect changes in conditions, before adjusting airflow to maintain the target air quality.

To check Air Quality Index, you can install the Dyson app if you don't have a dedicated device handy. Let's find out more about the Dyson Link app below.

Remote Control and Dyson app

Remote Control and Dyson app

Dyson has also created an immersive mobile app to monitor and control the Pure Link air purifier. Available for iOS and Android platforms, the Dyson Link App enables you to remotely monitor the indoor air quality and change the entire settings of the purifier. You can put the machine to auto mode, control the fan speed and oscillation and can also create a weekly schedule to turn the air purifier on at a specific time with the preferred setting.

The app also provides real-time air quality reports, current AQI, temperature, and humidity levels. You can also see the past results of air quality in an easy to understand graphical representation format. Besides, you can set air quality targets, enable continuous monitoring, check filter life, manage notifications, and check out everything about the purifier's functionality and features from within the app. One of the best features of the Dyson Link app is that it turns your phone into a full-fledged remote to control everything about the purifier.

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The air condition is already severe in Northern India, and it is going to be worse in the coming months during Diwali, crop harvesting season and in peak winters when the wind moves slowly and the temperature is low. Just like an air condition or a water purifier, an air purifier is an important household item that should not be treated as an insignificant accessory.

Dyson Pure-Link air purifiers look promising and come with some extra feature sets. The design is also thoughtful and the purifiers come with 360-degree filtration technology. Besides, the immersive app developed by Dyson shows important information like AQI level, temperature, humidity and everything of importance about the air purifier at one place. The Pure Cool Link Air purifier is good enough for a small or mid-sized room but would not be sufficient for a big room or a large office space.

The newly launched Dyson products are available at the Dyson flagship store at Level One, DLF Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. The product we have tested is Pure Cool Link air purifier priced at Rs. 39,990.

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