10 Handy OnePlus One Tricks Every User Should Know

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OnePlus One might costs just Rs. 18,637, even though it matches the top Android flagships on specs.

There are few who wonder that it has made quite a fame in the market this year. OnePlus One has been trough out the tech news and will be going on sale tomorrow on Amazon.in without invite.

But the question is that how will you you take full advantage of the customization options? What handy tweaks lay waiting at your disposal? We've got a hot batch of OnePlus One tips and tricks coming for you trough which you will get to know your device better. 

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How to change your theme:



The OnePlus One runs CyanogenMod 11, so you can quickly and easily change the look of your phone with a new theme. If you head into the app drawer, you'll find an app called Themes Showcase, which allows you to shop for a new theme. You can also search for CM 11 on Google Play to find loads of compatible themes.


How to customize the notification LED:


The LED at the top left on the front of your OnePlus One can be customized via Settings > Display & lights. In the Lights section, you'll find a Pulse notification light entry and a Battery light entry. You can set exactly why and how the LED flashes and what colors it uses. There's a full color palette, so you can get the exact shade you desire by either dragging your finger or entering specific color codes.


How to edit quick settings:

Quick Settings

Pull down the notification shade from the top right, and you'll see your quick settings icons for all sorts of things. Tap the big + and then tap and hold to move icons around, drag them onto the trashcan to remove them, or tap Add to bring up an impressively long list of options.


How to use profiles:


Go to Settings > Profiles and you can set different combinations with preset features and functions turned on or off. For example, tap the Home option and set it up with your home Wi-Fi network, so it will automatically be triggered when you connect to Wi-Fi at home. Now, you can turn the lock screen off, so you can have automatic lock screen security outside the house, but not have to bother with it at home. There are loads of other options in here to set profiles for various scenarios, and you can create your own. You can also trigger them with NFC tags instead of Wi-Fi and add an option to switch between them in Settings > Buttons > Power menu.


How to quickly launch the camera:


If you want to snap the best spontaneous shots with that 13-megapixel camera, you need to be able to launch the camera app in a hurry. The OnePlus One doesn't have a dedicated camera button, but you can set one up via Settings > Buttons. You can also draw a circle on the screen when the phone is in standby to go direct to the camera. Go to Settings > Interface > Gesture shortcuts to make sure this option is activated. You're able to add a Camera widget to the lock screen via Settings > Lock screen, too. Then, you just drag from right to left to open the camera app directly from the lock screen.


How to block callers:

Block Calls

Go to Settings > Privacy > Blacklist and you can block specific numbers that you don't want to receive calls or messages from. You can set rules for private and unknown numbers via the menu at the bottom right.


How to save battery life:


We've got a guide packed with tips for saving smartphone battery life, which mostly applies to this phone too, but there are a couple of options that differ on the OnePlus One. For example, you can reduce your screen time out in Settings > Display & lights > Sleep. Some people claim it improves battery life. You can also go to Settings > Performance > Profile and choose Power save or even slow your CPU in Settings > Performance > Processor > CPU governor.You could also try using apps like Greenify to freeze unused apps and something like Tasker to automate settings.


How to get a good night's sleep:


You can dictate quiet hours for your phone and limit notifications during the night when you're typically sleeping by going to Settings > Sound > Quiet hours. You could also use a special profile, as we discussed above.


How to use double-tap to wake and swipe to sleep:


LG introduced this idea with Knock-On, but you'll find it on a lot of smartphones now, including the OnePlus One. This feature basically allows you to double tap on the screen to wake the phone, instead of having to push the Power button. Go to Settings > Display & lights and scroll down to tick the box next to Double-tap to wake. As long as on-screen navigation is enabled, you can also use a swipe up gesture from the Home button to send your OnePlus One to sleep via Settings > Buttons > Quick launch shortcuts. You can choose up to the left or up to the right, depending on which hand you hold your phone with.


How to capture your screen


The standard Android method for capturing a screenshot will suffice. Press and hold the Power button and the Volume down button simultaneously and you'll see a wee flash animation to indicate that you've captured that screen for posterity. If you need to find it later, head for the Screenshots folder in your Gallery app. If you find that method a bit tricky, then why not add a Screenshot option to your Power menu? Go to Settings > Buttons and you'll find that you can edit the Power menu, which pops up on screen when you hold down the Power button.


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