10 Ways To Clean Your Gadgets Using Household Items

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The gadgets we love are hard to clean, and the computers, smartphone, headphones and other gadgets are bound to get a little dirt.

Just spraying the cleaner on everything and rubbing it down with a paper towel can cause damage to your device. However, there are many easy ways to clean the device using your household items.

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Here we have jotted some of the best and easy way to clean your gadget from household items like toothbrush, cotton swab, makeup brush and much more. Take a look at the slider below to know more.

Toothbrush To Clean Earphone

Its easy to remove any dirt settled in the earphone's speaker mesh. Gently stroke the grill with a dry toothbrush to remove all dirt settled in the buds.

Cotton Swab To Clean Earphone Exterior

Use cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean earphone's plastic surface. While, If your earphone is made of silicone, than use dishwasher liquid with water to clean.

Inter-dental Brush

Inter-dental brush is the best tool to clean headphone jack on smartphone or other gadgets.

Makeup Brush

The easiest way to clean the keyboard by using a soft makeup brush.

Stick Notes

Stick notes works surprisingly well to remove dust on keyboard surface. The gum strip gets all the dirt and pulls off the dirt between keys.

Cotton Swab Around Keys

Use cotton swab dipped with rubbing alcohol to clean extra stain on the keyboard surface.


We always see home speakers are filled with dust. Well, it is easy to clean the the speaker using a lint-roller.

Small Paintbrush

Use small paintbrush to clean smartphone or tablet built-in speakers.

Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are the best when it comes to to clean screen of your television.

Homemade Cleaner

You'll get many screen cleaner or wiper liquids on the market. But, you can make a homemade cleaner liquid by: mixing one part of vinegar or one part of rubbing alcohol with equal part distilled water.


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