Why Is My Android Slow? Here's Are 5 Ways To Speed Up Your Smartphone

    Android smartphone works smoothly when they are brand new, but slows down over the period of time. You now might need to tap things twice to respond, and app now takes longer time considerably. The problem is not only for the Android devices, even the iPhone becomes slow over the time.

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    Then how to make your smartphone fast, smooth and lag free is your question, right? Well, we came up with the tips and tricks that helps to boost your smartphone's performance. These tips are works by just tweaking setting on the device. Take a look at the slider below to know more...

    Background Apps

    Android is popularly known for its app market. Apps installed on the smartphone that constantly run in the background slow down the handsets. To remove the background apps, restart yous smartphone, then go to device Settings >> Apps >> Running to see the list of background running apps.

    You can uninstall the apps associated with the services that you don't need. However, some apps may not be removable as they are default apps.

    Clear App Cache

    Every installed apps write to the app cache on your smartphone and that eat up system resources and slow down the smartphone. You need to clear the cache of any individual apps by visiting app property in the device Settings menu.

    However, there are many cache clearing apps available in the market the can that automatically clear caches from all the apps that are installed on the smartphone.


    Disable Unused Apps

    You many not know, but many of the pre-installed apps in the smartphone that you never even use may be running in the background. It is not easy to uninstall the pre-loaded apps, but you can disable the apps from the device Settings menu. However, you can completely remove the pre-installed apps if your smartphone is rooted.

    Not Enough Memory

    If you have loaded your Android smartphone with tons of apps and data, then it can slow down the device. Smartphones come with SSD for storage, and it slow down as you fill them up. You can check how much memory is left, under the Setting menu and can clear up space to faster your smartphone.

    Update OS and Apps

    Smartphone makers provides best support to the latest version of the Android operating system. In the same way, app developers also improve the performance and rolls out the update for the program. The best way to speed up your Android device is to update the software.


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