Don't Do These 10 Things When Using WhatsApp!

    You may be very well versed with WhatsApp. The messenger service remains one of the most widely used messaging platforms. Communicating on WhatsApp can be tricky if you don't do it the right way.

    Don't Do These 10 Things When Using WhatsApp!

    Communicating on Whatsapp is much different from calling or even texting!. Whatsapp etiquette is much of its own like email etiquette.

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    Here are some tips and tricks on how to use the instant messaging service while communicating with friends and family.


    Develop the courtesy to reply to other people's messages. Its important to reply to other people's messages. Avoid people who are trying to disturb you with their messages. You can alternatively reply with saying "talk to you later".


    Forwarding Photos is interesting. Remember to forward photos only if you have to. People don't download all photos owing to a limited data plans. You can alternatively ask friends to forward photos once they get back to their Wi-Fi.


    Don't be pesky and annoy people with messages. Stop frequently dropping messages to people who find you disturbing. Stop behaving like you are ditched.


    Profile pictures are not for stalking. Please remember that WhatsApp should not be used for stalking your ex-es among other people to know about them.


    Usage of emojis is an issue that needs to be addressed. You should only use emojis when required. Excessive usage of emojis might lead to miscommunication. People who are not well versed with WhatsApp will have tough time deciding the emojis.


    Use proper language. While some people are more clear about what they communicate, others are less expressive. Some groups might not use good language and might more frequently use slurs and colloquial language. So use language that suits you best.


    Rumor mongering is one of the prime reason that WhatsApp was created. People who spread rumors work full time and even over time with WhatsApp on their phones. So be a rumor mongerer only when required, not always.


    Group chatting often depends on the group that you belong to.You often follow the herd or group that you belong to. So getting involved in group discussion is certainly good.

    If you are a student, it is likely that you are discussing something about class. If you are a friends group, you are discussing about your life or about a movie.


    Always be sure what you are going to say on WhatsApp. Always check before you hit the send button. Once you post something, its going to be there and be seen by whom you are sending the message to or may be by a group.


    Waiting for replies. Being a bit patient about replies on WhatsApp is fine. But then, beyond a point don't expect someone to reply to you.


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