How to Reset All Models of iPhones? - The Ultimate Guide!

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Resetting an iPhone is actually not that difficult for the simple Device. The process of resetting the device is pretty much the same for all the models. The iPhone is easier to reset than you think.

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The iPhone has several models of its phones. The process for all the models is pretty much the same irrespective of the iPhone. However, the iPhone has two types of Reset - a Hard Reset and a Soft Reset. Both the Soft Reset and the Hard Reset are meant for different things. While the Soft Reset is a simple reset, the hard reset is more complex.

We look at 5 things to know about while resetting an iPhone :

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You may want to reset an iPhone for several reasons like to fix minor errors, fix bugs, erase data. You might be exchanging or selling your phone or may be you are just convinced that resetting a device will set things right.


This is suitable for iPhone that gives minor problems. Soft Reset will clear the memory of the iPhone. This can be faulty app installations, etc. Soft Reset only clears the memory and will not delete any data, apps, contacts, etc from the iPhone


Press and Hold the Home Button located at the Bottom of the Screen.Simultaneously hold the Sleep/ Wake Button located at the Top of the iPhone. Keep holding for about 10-20 seconds. Holding on will show you an Apple Logo on the Screen. Now just the leave the phone by itself. The phone will take time and will be reset in some time.


Hard Reset is same as a Factory Reset. This should be a last choice if other tricks don't work. The hard reset will reset an iPhone back to its factory settings.


Factory Resetting your iPhone will Erase all Content on your phone and you will lose all data.

Go to Settings > General > Reset.
This will throw up options like Reset all Settings, Erase All Content and Settings, Reset Network Settings.
Select the one that is suitable

The phone will now take time and Reset itself.

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