How to Free Up Your Phone Storage in 2-minutes! [10 Simple Steps]

    Freeing up phone storage is good enough for your phone. It speeds up your phone and frees up much-needed space. Freeing up your phone storage leaves more room for adding new stuff to your phone.

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    It can be dreading to see that most of your phone's storage space is almost full. This can create a problem as you might need more space. It can be gruelling which apps to uninstall on your phone.

    Here are some quick hacks to freeing up space on your phone.


    Delete all threads is an interesting way of deleting all old messages. This can be tricky if you have messages you have in the phone, that you want to keep.


    Turn on photo upload for Google Photos. So that all your photos are uploaded and saved onto your Google Account via Wi-Fi or mobile network. In this way even if you clean wipe all photos from your phone they are still retained.


    One way of freeing up your phone's internal storage is to move all files to your microSD.


    This is one good way of freeing up your phone. Delete the songs on your phone. Switch to music streaming services as this will help you to listen to music online and save phone space.


    Normal photos are a great way of saving storage space on your phone. If you use your camera to click very high-definition photos, it can eat into your storage space. Clicking normal photos is a good way of saving storage space unless you really need HD photos.


    If you use Chrome browser, the best way would be to clean up your cache, data and history on your Chrome browser.


    Instagram photos are really heavy on space. Delete these photos that are heavy on data to download them later.


    Making a lot of in-app downloads will make your apps heavy. So all your offline Youtube videos, songs, etc can take up a lot of storage space. Just go to the app and clear all the offline videos you have saved.


    Delete unwanted apps and keep only relevant apps on your phone. Keeping too many apps will eat into the memory of your phone.


    Uninstall third party apps that may be slowing up your phone. Third party apps may include camera apps. When you can take photos from your own phone camera, you don't really need several third party camera apps that will do the same job.

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