5 Annoying Problems of Nexus 5X, and how to fix them!

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Nexus launched its Nexus 6P, along with which the company launched the Nexus 5X. The Nexus 5X is another high end phone that has a fingerprint scanner, a superior camera and comes at a price of 36K. The Nexus 5X is comparatively an affordable alternative from the range of Nexus devices that Google has to offer.

Not all Nexus 5X users are likely to face the issues listed here, However you could some of these problems that have been reported.

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No SIM detected

Some users of the Nexus 5X had problems with their SIM card. The phone failed to recognize the SIM card right from the beginning. If you have a non-compatible SIM card, you can try out a nano-SIM card from your mobile operator. You can reset the device and try it again. If such problems continue to persists, just ask for a replacement.

Sensor Calibration

The Sensors on the Nexus 5X lacks the accuracy according to users who experienced problems. You can re-calibrate the sensors using tools from the Google Play Store. A Software upgrade to Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 will help you.

Camera Issues

Camera seems to be a problem with the Nexus 5X. You can use the phone in Safe Mode. Alternatively you can disable the "Power button instantly locks" feature. As this could help the camera.

Phone Screen not waking after calls

The phone can sometimes remain turned off after a call, making it difficult to end calls. You may have to repeatedly press the power button. The problem in such cases is with the phone sensors and could also be caused by Screen guards. You can also change accessibility settings and re-enable the "Power button ends call".

Lack of Connectivity

There are reportedly issues with the phones's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. If such problem persists, one can delete all the old Bluetooth Pairings and for Wi-Fi you can check the the MAC address. If possible, try to forget the Saved networks on your phone and re-enter the details.

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