Here are 7 easy ways to backup and protect all your data!

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Data is important, no matter where it is saved. Be it on your phone, tablet or your PC. And it is of utmost importance for all to keep these files safe. Your system may crash for unknown reasons or your primary backup hard disk gets corrupted, and getting angry will not bring your data back.

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So when you decide to get a new backup storage device, it is always great to keep your eyes open for these pointers.

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Read/write speed


Your external hard drives are precious. Backing up all your files will take a lot of time. When investing in an external hard disk, ensure that you get one that has a higher read/write speed. The time taken to copy a large number of files can be reduced drastically if you buy one with better writing speeds.



The storage capacity of the hard disk is entirely upon the kind of person you are. If do keep photos, movies, games and music all in large quantities, it may be wise to get a hard disk that is almost twice the capacity of your local hard disk. This leaves room to add more files even after a backup is done.

Build quality


The build quality of a hard disk too plays an important role when comes to deciding on a storage media. A good hard disk will have a better casing than the competition that avoids excessive heating.

Cloud connected storage


There are many storage devices on the market that help to store files on the hard disk but can also save them online. These products are priced higher but can be used if you run out of space on the disk too.

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Cloud drives


Cloud storage is available to everyone who has a smartphone. But storing every file that you have to the cloud will require you to have the highest broadband connectivity available at your disposal with really high upload and download speeds.

And with the high prices, this would definitely be a bad idea. Keeping only the necessary files backed up to the cloud leaves you to store the rest of your data to your hard disk.

Old drives


If you have an unused laptop that doesn't work due to a faulty battery, then you are committing a crime by keeping the hard disk idle. Work your way around the laptop hardware and remove the hard disk from it. You can then use the hard disk by attaching it in a third-party hard disk enclosure.

Physical drives


Not many of us use the age old medium of storing files on CDs and DVDs. Even the iconic Blu-Ray disks may soon disappear as cloud storage and portable storage media are on the rise. These, however, can be used as a last resort to store some of the most important files and documents that you have.

On-board backup


There are built-in features in operating systems nowadays that help to save files even in their previous versions. Windows and Apple's Mac OS have the feature available in all their computers where users can easily backup files regularly.

Any crashes in the file, and you can go back to the 'File History' in Windows or 'Time Machine' in Mac OS to retrieve the previous versions of your corrupted file.

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