Boost Your Wi-Fi Router Signal Using Just A Beer Can [10 Simple Steps]

    Is your Wi-Fi network running slow at home? Don't worry, here is a solution for that. Most people don't even bother with the Wi-Fi router settings. It is typically set up by the service provider and it remains same for longer time.

    Boost Your Wi-Fi Router Signal Using Just A Beer Can [10 Simple Steps]

    You can fix many issues including low coverage and set up your Wi-Fi router to get more out of it. First you need to place your router in a right place. If you have trouble in Wi-Fi coverage in your home, then it is most likely because of where you kept the router. Ideally you should place your Wi-Fi router in a central location at home, and away from walls, mirrors and other electrical equipment.

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    Meanwhile, you can also get bigger antennas as the default antenna on home routers are not the best one available. The best thing you can do is to get a larger antennas to enhance your Wi-Fi signals. As the second option you can get signal repeaters, which is the easy way to increase Wi-Fi signal strength is by installing repeaters at home. A repeater bounce the Wi-Fi signals and also increase its range.

    Boost Your Wi-Fi Router Signal Using Just A Beer Can [10 Simple Steps]

    However, the easiest and craziest way to boost Wi-Fi signal is by using a beer can. A video on YouTube by kipkay, who shows a beer can boost the Wi-Fi up to 10mbps. The ordinary beer can will boast signal strength of your home Wi-Fi router up to 10mbps. The video shows how to prepare the beer can to boast the signals.

    Here are the steps to follow, and also the video in the slider below.


    Gather the required materials and tools such as beer can, scissor and a stanley knife.


    Clean the can. Make sure there is no residue left inside.


    Take the ring-pull off the can.


    Cut the end off the can where there's no opening. Do this using the stanley knife or similar suitable safety knife.


    Cut around the end with the opening almost all the way. Leave a little bit of metal to keep attached the part that will be the base.


    Cut along the middle of the can in a straight line, opposite to the piece of metal attaching the base.


    Open up the middle piece of metal by bending it until it vaguely resembles the shape of a radar dish.


    Place the completed Wi-Fi booster on your router. Place it so that the antenna pokes through the opening.


    Stick the base of the can to the router with a small piece of poster tack or other suitable adhesive.


    It's time to test how much your Wi-Fi is now boosted!

    Note: The post is based on the video uploaded by kipkay on YouTube, GizBot will not be responsible for any damages to any kind of devices, so it is recommended users to perform the task on their own risk.


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