Solutions to the Five Problems of OnePlus X

    The OnePlus X comes at a great price with some killer features, but it is still not a complete phone. While the battery life is not all that great, it does have some issues that might affect you . Lets see how to combat these irritations that the OnePlus X can give in this guide to understanding OnePlus X problems and solutions.

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    Its better to look at obvious problems than getting annoyed with your device.While Restarting your device or switching it on and off may solve some problems you may be facing, it does not solve it all.

    The OnePlus X now comes with an upgraded version of the software OxygenOS 2.2.0 that has been rolled out in phases to several phases. Its better to go to Safe mode for some time and disable third-party apps. If you are facing problem with a particular app and you try to find out why the app is not working right on your phone.

    OnePlus X microSD card isn't working

    There have been reports about multiple users complaining about their microSD card not getting recognized by their phones. It seems be a recurring issue that several users have complained about.

    A solution to this problem lies in reformatting the SD card in the NTFS format. If your SD card is already full, you can take a back up and format it in the NTFS format.


    OnePlus X photos are bad

    The camera on the OnePlus X is not all that good as it doesn't focus on what you are trying to shoot. As the OnePlus lacks OIS, the images could be a little shaky. While considerable number of user sfeel that the device clicks good photos for the price it is offererd at, there are still a number of disatisified users.

    You can carry a tripod as it is a good way to solve the problem, but its a little hard to do that on a phone you want to use for daily use. However, the problem can be fixed if you have updated to the latest software of the OnePlus X. An app called VSCO can solve this problem. The VSCO app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app helps to sharpen the images. Oneplus however, failed to provide a camera that would be of high quality

    OnePlus X doesn't remember app permissions

    Several users of the phone have complained that the OnePlus X doesn't remember app permissions for apps, which results in app crashes or error messages when the apps are launched. Some of the apps that do not work with proper app permissions include Whatsapp, Facebook and spotify among about a half a dozen popular apps where there seems to be a problem with app permissions.

    A solution to this problem would be to solve the issue would be to clear the data and clear the cache. This a great way to fix the problem. Another way would be to restart the Phone and this could probably help you.


    OnePlus X support for 4G LTE networks are bad

    Users of the OnePlus X around the world have complained that the OnePlus X does not support certain LTE bands creating problems in network. This problem seems to be there for users of the phone in the US. One way to solve this problem would be stay with a 3G network or use Wi-Fi where-ever possible.

    Device Heating while Gaming

    A problem persistent not with just the OnePlus X but several phones out there. The OnePlus X too seems to display the problem where the device heats up while gaming also leading to batttery drain. While certainly not all users complain of the problem, a couple of users reportedly have, 


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