FOLLOW These Steps to Get Your Money Back on Google Play Store Purchases

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It often happens that we buy an app or more from the play store, but after using it, feel that the app doesn't quite fulfill our requirements. That's when we decide to refund the app back to Google.

FOLLOW These Steps to Get Your Money Back on Google Play Store

Oftentimes we purchase a new app only by seeing the positive reviews by others, but that might not be as promising for you, and would want to refund the app. This can be a little tough for the purchaser as they might not be able to directly contact Google.

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However, the good news is that Google does have a refund policy built into the Play Store, to make a hassle-free refund process.

Here's how to get a refund on apps you purchased from the play store.

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Contact the App or Game Developer Requesting for a Refund

The purchaser can write to the developers expressing their discontent with the app or game that they had requested for but now wants to refund it back.
However, this process isn't usually a success, and the refund completely depends on their discretion.

The contact details of the developer will be available below the app description on the play store, you can take it from them and try convincing them to refund your money.


Get an Easy Refund Within The First Two Hours

Before even purchasing any app from the play store, one should first know the return policy. Google has an easy refund policy with the first two hours of the purchase an app. Hence, within two hours after buying an app, the purchaser can get the complete refund.

To do so, open the play store on an Android device, tap the menu button>My account>my Orders>Locate the app to be refunded>If its less than two hours there will appear a 'Refund' option>Click on it. Google will automatically refund the money, and un install the app from the smartphone.

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Contact Google For Help

In any refund request, the developer doesn't have the final say, its in Google Play's customer service's hand. So, you need to put in a good and valid reason for refund, and then Google will decide, whether they want to process your refund request or not.

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How to Reguest Google

To request Google, visit the Google Play help website>Click on Contact Us option>Tap on Android apps and games>Request a refund. Now the user will be able to contact Google for a refund via phone, SMS, or email.

How Long Does it Take for Play Store to Refund Money

For credit cards or PayPal, Google claims that the refund policy takes nearly 3-5 business days, whereas, for Google Play balance or Google Wallet balance, its takes just a day for your money to be refunded to your account.

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