5 Signs to Spot A Fake Facebook Profile

    Out of over five billion Facebook accounts, the probability of Fake Facebook accounts can be nearly 20 or 30 percent or even more.

    5 Signs to Spot A Fake Facebook Profile

    Such Facebook accounts are created either to dupe innocent users or for scamming purposes. While there isn't any way to manually detect and delete all these Fake accounts, the only way to stop this malicious activity Facebook provides the Report option. However, this option works only after you detect such a profile.

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    If you too have experienced such things, then this post is for you. Here are 5 signs that help to detect a fake Facebook profile.

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    #1 Check Profile Picture with TinEye

    Whenever you get a friend request from an anonymous account, make sure you don't forget to go through this verify check. Download the profile picture and upload it in Tineye (Reverse Image search) in your web browser. This will show you if the image is taken from any website. This way you can detect a fake profile.

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    #2 See The Timeline

    Generally, if any person keeps a fake profile, they don't update anything much in it. So if you see the timeline mostly empty or filled with vague images and posts, then you can come to a conclusion that it might be a fake profile.

    #3. Not much About themselves is available

    Most scammers don't provide much information about themselves. So, if the 'About' tab doesn't show much info about the person's profile, then that's an indication of a fake profile.

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    #4 Birthday Would be January 1

    This is another common sign of a fake Facebook profile. Although this is kind of funny, but it's true. Most fake Facebook profiles have the birthday set as Jaunary 1.

    #5 Beware of Girl's Profiles

    It has been seen that most fake profiles are with female identity with a beautiful face as a profile picture. You may even find cell phone numbers on such profiles. Girls hardly share their contact number in a public platform like Facebook.

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