Hide or Block Ads on Facebook with These Simple Tricks

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The most annoying part about any site including Facebook is the thousands of ads. Here's how you can get rid of these irritating ads.

Hide or Block Ads on Facebook with These Simple Tricks

When on Facebook, users often have the tendency to like whatever that comes their way while scrolling. However, its later that they complain about the hundreds and thousands of ads appearing on their timeline.

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These annoying ads can't simply vanish from any website as it fetches the company with a lot of revenue, whether its Facebook or any other site. But users can take necessary precautions mentioned below to hide or block these ads.

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Hide Ads on Facebook With FB Purity

A Facebook user can now very easily block the annoying ads appearing on their timeline. One just needs to put FB Purity as the browser extension, and it will take seconds to automatically hide all the ads from Facebook.

FB Purity includes a several news feeds filtering options that allow the user to choose the type of posts they want to see or hide on their news feeds.

Block Ads by Using Facebook Settings

#1 Go to Settings>Facebook Ads

#2 There will appear three options Ads based on my use of websites and apps, Ads with my social actions, and Ads based on my preferences

#3 Go to Choose Settings>You can Click either on ON or OFF as per your requirement

#4 Selecting OFF for all three will block/hide all Ads from your timeline

Please note: In 'Ads based on my preferences' option, if you click on view preferences, you can simply manage your likes, and restrict the Ads accordingly.

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Adblock Plus Blocks the Ads Showing on Your Timeline

Adblock Plus has found a way to strip ads even from Facebook's new ad blocker-proof format. If you have a fully updated version of Adblock Plus, you will be able to avoid ads in Facebook's sidebar and also in News Feeds.

Be Limited on Which Pages You Like

Normally, in case you like a page or a product or brand, it is quite obvious that there will appear posts and ads related to what you prefer and like.
So, the more limited your in liking stuffs or pages on Facebook, lesser will be the number of ads on your timeline.

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Download Greasemonkey

For all the Firefox users. downloading Greasemonkey is required to block the Ads from their Facebook timeline. This extension enables users to customize their Webpage by blocking ads and banners.

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